Heber City

After reading public comments and a brief discussion Heber City Council voted to continue the approval of the Sorenson annexation agreement to their next meeting.

Heber City

Heber City Council will be meeting remotely Tuesday evening and could possibly annex a huge development and double the size of the city.

Heber City

A huge development planned to the north of Heber City has requested to become a part of the city through an application to the council. City council and the developers are close to finalizing the annexation agreement.

Heber City

Heber City Council heard yet another annexation petition at Tuesday evening’s council meeting. The North Village Crossing Annexation could potentially bring retail, apartments and a movie theatre near the intersection of US 40 and River Road.

After over a year of work the updated Heber City general plan was approved at the March 17th City Council meeting.

Leaders in Wasatch County released an informational video about COVID-19 in the county. You can view the video here. 

Wasatch Trails Foundation

For the past decade the Wasatch Trails Foundation has been creating and sustaining backcountry trails in Wasatch County. Trails in the area may have some more comprehensive planning with the creation of a new part-time position to serve the Heber Valley.

Heber City

Business leaders in the Heber Valley heard from local elected officials at the state of the Heber Valley at Tuesday’s Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce luncheon, including Heber's Mayor.

Heber City

Heber City Council meets in regular session Tuesday evening. Items on the agenda include the final public hearings for two items the council has been working on for months.

Heber City

Heber City Council discussed an idling ordinance last week. The council ultimately decided to wait on an ordinance in favor of an education campaign to raise awareness.

Google maps image of an intersection in Heber. The roadway has a slight turn into an intersection which can be awkward to navigate
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Heber City Council approved a $1.5 million contract for improvements made to 600 South at the February 4th city council meeting.

The Connecting Wasatch transit study in Wasatch County has been seeking public input, as well as collecting and analyzing data about possible ways to address transit needs in the county.

View from above the Heber Airport, in the photo is the airport with several planes parked on the tarmac and a view of the Wasatch Mountains in the background.
Heber City

Heber City is updating their Airport Master Plan, as part of that process the city is inviting the community to participate in the plan starting with the public Kickoff meeting Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 pm at Heber Valley Elementary School.

Heber City residents were introduced to the results of the Envision Heber 2050 process at an open house on Wednesday.

Heber City

Heber City Council’s meeting on Tuesday looked at how to plan for the city’s future, and also looked at honoring and preserving its past.