Artistic rendering of the entrance to the newly renovated hospital in Heber. Shown in the painting is the parking lot and entrance into the building
Intermountain Health Care

On Tuesday evening the Heber Valley Hospital will be holding an open house as they complete their second phase of their expansion project.

The hospital is most the way through a $41.3 million expansion project. Heber Valley Hospital Director of Communications Amy Tuddenham said since they weren’t constructing a new building the hospital had to expand and renovate while remaining in operation.


The $150 million school bond to create a new high school in the Heber Valley and to replace the current Midway Elementary school will not pass according to Tuesday night results. 5,223 or 57% residents voted against the bond while 3,921 or 42% voted for it.

LSC Consulting

The first report regarding the Wasatch County Transit Study has been completed. Below are some the report’s findings and the roadmap for a bus system to possibly come to Wasatch County next year.

Members of the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce met for a sendoff for the director of the organization for the past eight years.

Heber Valley Music & Cowboy Poetry Gathering

The Heber Valley Western Music & Cowboy Poetry Gathering is celebrating it’s 25th year. The event begins Wednesday evening and continues through Sunday.

Director of the gathering Ted Caldwell explains what western music and cowboy poetry is all about.

Ballots will begin to be sent out on October 16th, Wednesday to all active registered voters. There will be four different ballots sent out during the election.

All residents of Wasatch County will receive a ballot asking about the $150 million school bond election which if passed would replace Midway Elementary School and create a new high school in the valley.

Three municipalities will receive ballots with additional city council races.

Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce

A car accident in Heber ended with the destruction of an antique item that welcomed many into the city.

The antique covered wagon in front of the Heber Valley Chamber Commerce building was destroyed over the weekend.

The accident took place Saturday morning when a drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into the wagon. This is according to the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce. The wagon is located at the intersection of 500 N and US 40 on the north end of Heber City.

The Mayors of six Wasatch County towns released a statement regarding the Wasatch School District $150 million bond.

The Mayors of Charleston, Wallsburg, Daniel, Interlaken, Midway and Heber City have all signed a statement regarding the $150 Million School Bond Wasatch County residents will vote on this election season. The five-paragraph statement was released on Wednesday.

Heber City Mayor Kellen Potter said that after asking questions to the board at an interlocal meeting and a public hearing she heard that she was being described as against addressing the issue.

A Heber City man who pled guilty to two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor after his ipod was found with child pornography, has now been charged in Cache County for having an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

The six Heber City Council candidates sat down for a debate on Monday evening. The event was hosted by the Wasatch Taxpayers Association where candidates participated in three discussions each lasting about 20 minutes.

Heber City

Heber City Council meets Tuesday evening. Much of the council’s agenda revolves around housing issues in the city.

City Council meets in a work meeting starting at 4:00 pm on Tuesday. One early presentation revolves around Tiny Homes.

The small structures are between 150 and 400 square feet and built on wheels but could be placed in backyards.

Part of the council’s discussion will be defining the difference between an RV and a tiny home on wheels and understanding the potential benefits and drawbacks of allowing the structures in Heber City.

The Wasatch County Taxpayers Association is holding a debate for Heber City Council Candidates. The Monday night event will allow for a deeper dive into issues important to Heber City residents.

The debate is scheduled for 7:00 pm Monday September 30th at the Heber Public Safety Building at 301 S Main Street. Heber City Council Candidates Rachel Kahler, Mike Johnston, Ryan Stack, Perry Rose as well as incumbent council members Jeff Bradshaw and Ron Crittenden are all planning to attend the event.

Momentum Development Group

The Sorenson Development, located in the hills north of Heber City, is seeking annexation into the city. In order for the development to enter into city limits, they’ll have to continue negotiations with Heber City Council.

Heber City manager Matt Brower reports that the petition for annexation into Heber City by the landowners of the Sorenson Property is working its way through city council.

Heber City

Heber City will soon kick off its Airport Master Plan Update. The process will help the city and its residents plan the future of the airport.

Heber City Mayor Kelleen Potter explains an airport master plan is somewhat like a business plan.

Heber Light & Power

Heber Light & Power is conducting a survey amongst their customers to look at where future energy should come from for the utility.

Every five years or so Heber Light and Power conducts an integrated resource plan to take a look at the company’s current power portfolio and look ahead to the future. General Manager Jason Norlen says part of that plan includes a survey of customers.