The public comment period for the Heber Valley Corridor study closed Wednesday. The next step for the study is gathering the funds for the environmental study.

UDOT Engineer Jeremy Bown explains how the planning study recommendation differs from the public input received.

A little more than 100 residents showed up on Wednesday evening to the Public Visioning Workshop as part of the Envision Heber 2050 initiative.

The event was the first of three public input meetings for the update to Heber City’s general plan. The evening was led by a consultant for the project Christie Oostema she explained why the city is seeking public engagement in the visioning process.

The entirety of Mayor Kelleen Potter's State of the City Address given to the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce can be heard here. For a recap of the speech click here.

The Heber Valley Corridor Comment period has been expanded to March 20th.


A Heber city man had to make an emergency landing in Wyoming on Monday after his plane ran out of fuel.

Heber resident Eric Holt, his wife Dana Holt, their two-year-old twins and newborn baby were traveling from Nebraska back to Heber when their single-prop-engine-fixed wing plane ran out of fuel. The plane had refueled in Ogallala, Nebraska and planned to refuel in Rock Springs, Wyoming but a strong headwind meant the plane ran out of fuel a few miles away from the Rock Springs airport. Corporal Jason Mower of Sweetwater County explains what happened next.

Utah League of Cities and Towns

There are nearly 250 cities and towns stretching across the state of Utah varying in size and structure. Although all unique, they are all also represented by an organization that seeks to represent their interests.

Rachel Otto is the director of government relations with the Utah League of Cities and Towns. She explains what the organization does.


The next step in the Heber Main Street bypass is funding an environmental study.

Heber and Wasatch County elected officials are prioritizing the project meaning they’re looking at several different locations to get the funds for the study.

Shawn Seager is the Director of the Metropolitan Planning Organization with Mountainland Association of Governments. Mountainland is a government organization part of an interlocal agreement between Summit, Wasatch and Utah counties. Seager says that Heber’s Main Street has an average of 32,000 trips per day.

Heber City Police Department

Several cars stolen in the Heber Valley has law enforcement and residents on high alert.

The Heber City Police Department is issuing an alert after several vehicles in Wasatch County have been stolen. At least one Midway resident had his truck stolen and four others had their vehicles broken into. Heber Detective Tammy Thacker said they’re not reporting the exact number of vehicles taken but it’s happened across the Heber Valley.

Heber Municipal

Tomorrow Heber City is inviting its citizens to participate in dozens of activities to kick off the holidays with the Christmas Tree Light Up on Main Street.

Heber Mayor Kelleen Potter says the Friday tree lighting starts at 5:30 and goes until 8:00.

“We’re going to have an old fashion Christmas and light a big tree. Hopefully get a bunch of people out for food trucks, and we built a new fire pit on the front of our city hall property. We’re just hoping to get more community together and get ready and celebrate the holidays”

Heber Light and Power

The idea of power lines, possibly as tall as 100 feet, running through the Heber Valley has some residents up in arms, but members of the Heber Valley Light and Power board think they might have found a way to mitigate citizens’ concerns.

Heber Valley Light and Power and Rocky Mountain Power are working to install transmission lines spanning from the Jordanelle Dam to the Midway substation, about ten miles, but Heber Mayor Kelleen Potter says the facilities committee may have found a solution that could possible reduce the impact of the powerlines on the view corridor.

Heber City is wrapping up their downtown survey, meanwhile the next step for the proposed bypass is acquiring millions of dollars from the Utah state legislature.

The Heber City Downton Planning Project survey was supposed to have data by early December, but Mayor Kelleen Potter explains why that’s been delayed.

Christmas Festival For The Children Facebook Page

Wasatch Back residents are invited to the annual Christmas Festival for the Children. The event benefits the Wasatch County Children’s Justice Center.

Today and tomorrow at the Wasatch County Events Center, Heber valley residents will gather for the annual Christmas Festival for the Children. Heber City Mayor Kelleen Potter says the event will include gingerbread houses for silent auction.

Heber By-Pass Project Study

Heber City, Wasatch County and UDOT all continue to move forward on the Heber Bypass, a proposed road that would take US 40 traffic west of Heber City and reduce the crowding on Heber’s Main Street. The next big hurdle to the project will come in early 2019.

Heber City is feedback from citizens on Main Street improvements through an online survey the link was sent out through the city water bill and is available on the city’s webpage. The city and UDOT are also planning to hold a public input meeting in December.

Heber City and other entities continue to work towards the creation of a bypass road. In the meantime, the city is asking for input from its citizens on how to improve Main Street.

As Heber makes plans to revitalize Main Street the city is administering its second survey. You can find the survey here. Heber Mayor Kelleen Potter tells residents where else they can find the 14-question survey.

Matt Brower LinkedIn

Heber’s new City Manager, Matt Brower, has been on the job since about mid-July. He’s arrived at a time when the city is dealing with phenomenal growth, a renowned airport, and efforts underway to address a state highway running through the town.

In his first interview with KPCW, Brower said he has Utah roots. He was born and raised in Salt Lake, and graduated from the University of Utah in the 90’s.