Let's keep our mountain air clean and healthy! "Turn Your Key--Be Idle Free" Reducing your idling by just 2 minutes a day, saves gas, keeps dangerous particulates out of our air and reduces carbon emissions which will help Summit County meet its Climate Action Plan.  Please reduce idling your vehicle and encourage others to reduce their idling times. Idling a typical vehicle for longer than ten seconds consumes more fuel than restarting that vehicle.

Ogden Police Crack Down On Idling Cars

Jan 26, 2014

OGDEN, Utah (AP) - Ogden police say a wave of preventable car thefts is prompting them to step up enforcement of Utah's anti-idling law.

Police Deputy Director John Harvey says car thefts are on the increase in part because of residents who go out to warm up their vehicles on cold mornings and leave them unattended.

According to the department, 36 of 82 thefts over the last 90 days involved cars that were left running and unattended. Another 34 thefts involved unlocked cars.