Jeremy McAlister

On today's Local News Hour:

( 00:29)  Engineer Jeremy McAlister and Matt Brower Heber City Manager talk about the Heber Municipal Airport Master Plan presentation scheduled for Thursday, April 1st at 6 p.m.

( 16:26) Summit County Manager Tom Fisher discusses the agenda for Wednesday's county council meeting.

( 32:02) Rick Brough's details about Summit County Council's meeting with First Congressional District Representative Blake David Moore.

( 35:12)  Back Country gate petition organizer Megan McKenna.

On today's Local News Hour:

(02:02) - Utah Avalanche Forecast Center Report

(06:49) - Todd Hauber, Park City School District Business Administrator, talks about the 2021 legislative session and the impacts on school districts. 

(20:27) - Park City Manager Matt Dias has a preview of this week's city council meeting and Mayor Andy Beerman adds to his State of the City address last night.

(38:36 - Heber City Manager Matt Bower and T-O Engineer Jeremy McAlister with more on the Heber City Airport master plan.