Leadership Class 24

Park City Leadership

Last week, about 70 people on the annual Park City City Tour visited Bozeman and Livingston, Montana and Jackson Hole Wyoming to learn from the problems, and solutions of other communities.

Three members of the Park City Leadership Class 24 visited KPCW on Monday and shared some of their reflections.

On Monday, we talked to three class members—Sam Mueller, a Philanthropy Coordinator with the Park City Community Foundation; Tina Pignatelli, a Labor and Employment Counsel; and Enrique Sanchez, a student at Salt Lake Community College and associate with Bright Futures PC.


Park City Leadership Class 24, Park City Council, staff and most of the Summit County Council returned from a 5-day trip to Montana and Wyoming for the annual City Tour. Melissa Allison finds out what they’ve found in towns north of Utah:


About 70 people are participating on this year’s annual city road tour. This year, city and county leaders and staff, as well as members of the Leadership Class 24 will be spending the next several days in Bozeman and Livingston, Montana with a stop at Jackson Hole, Wyoming. What’s different this year? Take off. No longer does the luxury bus leave from Swede Alley. KPCW’s Melissa Allison has more:


Park City Leadership Class 24 is coming to a close and members are urging local officials to make food waste more of a priority. Melissa Allison has more: