Over time, evidence has grown showing that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people face significant economic disparities compared with cisgender heterosexual people. Joining Mountain Money to help us understand this issue more is Bianca D.M. Wilson, Ph.D., the Rabbi Zacky Senior Scholar of Public Policy at the Williams Institute at UCLA.  


  The discussion on whether transgender girls should play sports was revived during an interim legislative committee meeting.

Republican Summit County Rep. Kera Birkeland introduced a bill last legislative session that would have banned transgender girls from playing on school sports teams. After passing the House, it died in a Senate Committee meeting. 

During an interim committee meeting Tuesday, Birkeland promised there will be another bill on the topic in the future. Her reason for pursuing this topic hasn’t changed. 

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(04:04) - Sean Higgins reports on Summit County Health Director Rich Bullough's retirement announcment.

(06:31) - Mountain Regional Water District General Manager Scott Morrison and Assistant GM Lisa Hoffman have an update on drought conditions and goal to reduce water consumption by 20%.


A bill banning transgender girls from playing on women’s sports teams in Utah was making headlines throughout the legislative session before it died in a Senate committee meeting.

Utah was one of many state this year to introduce legislation barring transgender atheletes from playing on schools sports teams. Summit County Rep. Kera Birkeland sponsored Utah’s bill. 

Cada Domingo - Olivia Jaramillo 03-07-21

Mar 7, 2021

Olivia Jaramillo, Diversity Specialist and Team Functions Specialist, Military Veteran, and Spokesperson for Hispanic and LGBTQ communities in Utah returns to talk about the current political climate, and about LGBTQ+ representation in politics.

Olivia Jaramillo, Especialista de Diversidad y de Funciones de Equipos, Veterana Militar, y Portavoz para comunidades Hispanohablantes y LGBTQ en Utah regresa al programa para hablar del clima politico hoy en dia, y de la representación LGBTQ+ en la politica.

A bill that would ban transgender girls from playing on women’s sports teams in schools passed the House floor Wednesday. On Thursday, Utah’s Governor weighed in on the bill.



Summit County Rep. Kera Birkeland is sponsoring H.B. 302. During discussion on the floor, Birkeland said her bill is about creating fairness for cisgender women, meaning women who identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.  


A Summit County Representative’s bill banning transgender girls from playing on women’s sports teams in schools is making its way through the legislature.


The bill passed it’s first hurdle Thursday in a House Education Committee meeting with a vote of 8-6.

Republican Rep. Kera Birkeland is sponsoring the bill. During the committee meeting, she said the purpose of her bill is to preserve a women’s space in sports earned through the civil rights movement. 


Utah Sen. Mike Lee is leading a piece of legislation that would ban transgender girls from playing in women's sports at schools.

Sen. Mike Lee introduced the bill along with 13 other republican colleagues last week. He said it would protect “opportunities of girls throughout America to athletically compete against other girls.”

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney also spoke out against transgender girls playing on women’s sports teams during a Senate Committee meeting last week. 

Bill Konigsberg joins Lynn on The Mountain Life. Konisgsberg is best known for his LGBTQ Young Adult novels. He joins the show to talk about the prevalence of depression among LGBTQ youth and how his novels help young people discover that they are not alone. His new book is called The Bridge.

Cada Domingo - Olivia Jaramillo 11-22-20

Nov 29, 2020

Olivia Jaramillo was born and reared in México. She migrated to the US at age 14 and graduated high school in Texas, and started hher military service after graduationg where she served in the Us Air Force.  She was part of the campaign against Terror in Iraq, participated in humanitarian missions in the continent of Africa and was based in Europe for over 7 years. As a civilian, Olivia has shared her story to bring aid to the members of the community with which she identifies , such as immigrant, veteran, Latinx, and as a trans woman and LGBTQ+ member.

Cada Domingo - Ermiya Faneian

Aug 2, 2020

In an attempt to maintain social responsibiltiy during the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's Utah Trans Pride Festival will take place digitally and will include performances, speakers, and panel discussions. Ermiya Fanaeian will be a keynote speaker during the event. She joins us to talk about the importance of representation and access to resources for all people, and some of the challenges LGBTQ+ members of the community face in having access to these. The event is being organized by Genderbands and is open to all the public.
Saturday, August 15, 2020 starting at 2:30

Cada Domingo - Pedro Rico Xicanx Collective

Sep 15, 2019

Pedro Rico
Xicanx Creative 
Instagram: @xicanxcreative 

Pedro discussed the Day of the dead event that Xhicanx Creative alongside Existimos is putting together for November 2nd. The event is aimed at creating a space for Cutie POC community members to feel welcome and free. Starting with a Healing Walk at 6 pm from the Mexican Consulate in SLC, ending at Utah Arts Hub 663 100 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84104.

Mormon Bishop Says He Gives Voice To LGBTQ Community

Nov 6, 2018
Listen Learn and Love


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints does not endorse LGBTQ members who act on their sexuality. An LDS Bishop who led a singles ward learned to listen carefully to how LGBTQ people struggle to feel accepted in society especially in religious environments that don’t accept their sexual orientation. He’s no longer a Bishop but remains an active Mormon and he’s working to build tolerance and love for a whole community both gay and straight. Carolyn Murray has this: