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Two separate drinking laws have taken effect this year in Utah. The first was in July when the liquor licensing laws changed. The second was implemented on December 30th dropping Blood Alcohol Content to .05 as the legal driving limit. Carolyn Murray has this story on how some restaurants have been affected during this holiday season:


The Dining Club liquor license is going away and the new law requiring restaurants to declare they are a bar or a restaurant takes effect on July 1.  Legislators have told KPCW they realize some Park City businesses will have difficulty meeting the new requirements. Carolyn Murray has this:

Down at the current Utah legislative session, Representative Kraig Powell is involved in one of the perennial issues - liquor regulation.

He's also got a proposal on what he calls one of the biggest issues in a generation: changes in Utah's caucus system. Rick Brough has more.

The Utah Legislature has completed its new base-budget discussions, and on Thursday the legislators gave final disclosures on the bills they're sponsoring.  But some bills are in limbo right now, including a change in liquor laws proposed by Rep. Kraig Powell.  Rick Brough has more.

  Originally aired on July 23, 2013.

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) – The Utah Legislature tried earlier this year to clarify one of the state’s restrictive liquor laws – that restaurants cannot serve alcohol unless a patron is ordering food. Rick Brough has more.