Live Like Sam

Ron Jackenthal

The Live Like Sam Fund, managed by Park City Community Foundation, is teaming up with US Ski & Snowboard for an inaugural day of celebrating Sam Jackenthal this Thursday.

This month marks four years since the death of Sam Jackenthal. The teen was an internationally ranked freestyle skier who died following a ski accident in Australia in 2015. Sam’s father Ron Jackenthal founded Live Like Sam to celebrate Sam and his impact on those who knew him.

Ron Jackenthal

The Winter Sports School’s annual beach volleyball fundraiser is this weekend. This year the school will raise funds for an organization that honors the memory of a former Winter Sports School student.

Winter Sports School student Jack Schaede says that this year the Student Council decided to fundraise for an organization with direct ties to Park City.

Ron Jackenthal joins the show. Ron is the father of Sam Jackenthal, a wonderful young man, an accomplished skier and inline rollerblader and who left this world far too soon in the fall of 2015. To celebrate his son and the way Sam lived Ron founded and will talk about the foundation's mission: to empower the positive personal development of young athletes through educational programs and services, community-based partnerships, and merit and need-based scholarships.