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Utah Department of Health

The Utah Department of Health released new numbers Saturday afternoon about COVID-19 in the state.

Three more people have died in Utah, bringing the number of fatalities attributed to COVID-19 in the state to 49.

There are 4,981 confirmed COVID-19 cases, up 153, or just over 3%, from Friday.  Summit County has 375 cases, two more than Friday. The number of hospitalizations in the county remains at thirty-three. Wasatch County has 156 confirmed cases, up one from Friday.  Hospitalizations in Wasatch remain at seven.

Round Valley Open Space

Friday’s Park City Business Roundtable focused on how the new county orders will impact recreation and trail use in Park City. Officials discussed the measures they’re taking to make things as safe and sanitary as possible while easing up on the COVID restrictions. Registration for kids camps through the city programs will open on Monday morning at 6 am on-line.


The COVID-19 pandemic closed down not only business, but also the ability to donate, food, books and household goods… As the gradual reopening of commerce begins in Summit County, opportunities to help those less fortunate will reopen as well. The first one is a food drive on Saturday.


Park City’s previous City Manager Diane Foster is moving to Colorado to assume the assistant city manager role in Aspen. She was selected out of a pool of more than 70 applicants.

Diane Foster has lived in Park City for 20 years and held the role of city manager from 2016 to 2019. She parted ways with Park City last fall and says her focus has been to find another cool place in a resort town to continue her career.

Summit County Health Director Rich Bullough and Summit County Manager Tom Fisher have the latest on the new health order that went into effect as of midnight.(4:35)

Park City Councilmember Becca Gerber has a recap of last night's meeting ( 22:57) and Park City Rotary Club Member John Hanrahan and Pastor of St. Mary’s Church Christopher Gray have details on Saturday's food drive. (33.28)

Summit County Council 2019

The Summit County Council on Wednesday voted unanimously to make a contribution for 2020 to the regional planning body, the Central Wasatch Commission.

However,  the contribution was half the amount the county has given before.    And at least two Council Members said they aren’t fans of the Central Wasatch.

The Central Wasatch Commission, previously known as the Mountain Accord, received $50,000 a year from Summit County from 2016 to 2018.

Last year, the county didn’t make a contribution.

This year, the county’s contribution will be $25,000.


Summit County health officials, who feel they’re now able to ease into a re-opening of the area’s economy, came before the County Council Wednesday with an extended and modified Public Health Order.

The Order was set to take effect on May 1st.

County Health Director Rich Bullough said the Order is based on the “Utah Leads Together 2.0” program of Governor Gary Herbert, who was also expected to announce that the state is moving from a Red status, or High Risk; to Orange Status and Moderate Risk.

Heber City

A huge development planned to the north of Heber City has requested to become a part of the city through an application to the council. City council and the developers are close to finalizing the annexation agreement.

Summit County Council voted Thursday afternoon to lift the Stay At Home Order effective Friday, May 1.

The council unanimously voted for a new Joint Public Health Order to go into effect, which the lawmakers say will transition Summit County to the Stabilization Phase of the COVID-19 response.

The new order had to be approved by Utah Governor Gary Herbert before the council could vote on it, because it is different than the Executive Order signed by the governor Wednesday.  Council members said Summit County's order isn't "more strict" just "more detailed."

An Ogden-area resident who set fires in a vacant house in Woodland last winter as a photography project was sentenced to probation in a Third District Court hearing this week.  

The defendant received the sentence after pleading Guilty to a second-degree arson charge.

The defendant, 48-year-old Thomas Fox Shea from Syracuse, received the sentence on April 27th in an electronic court hearing.

County prosecutors said that last Feb 14th, Valentine’s Day, a deputy responded to the house fire, and found Shea on the scene, with his facial hair and eyebrows singed.

Following the electronic conventions held last weekend by Utah’s Republican and Democratic Parties, it turns out that two legislative seats involving  Summit County are going to primaries on the GOP side.

But  in one case, a candidate just barely missed locking up the nomination.

For House District 54, which includes Park City and Wasatch County, two Republican candidates emerged to replace retiring incumbent Tim Quinn.

Carolyn Murray

This week’s Coffee with Park City Council highlighted the struggles that parents and children are coping with as they navigate the difficulties of isolation. The panel offered expert input and observations which may be helpful to families in this time of COVID.



The Park City Council meets electronically on Thursday. The agenda covers a discussion of the location of the Post Office on Main Street, COVID impacts on the budget and how-to bring customers back to Park City as social distancing orders ease.

Lori Hampton

In just a week, more than 160 Park City High School seniors have been adopted. As KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher explains – they  haven’t been given up by their families – rather they’re being showered with good wishes from a caring community. 

Being part of the Class of 2020 has been tough. What was the promising start of a new decade for seniors, and new adventures as high school graduates, has instead meant - because of the COVID-19 pandemic - no senior prom, no senior ditch day and no pomp and circumstance…

Diane Foster

Former Park City Manager Diane Foster has been named as the new Assistant City Manager for Aspen. 

The announcement was made at Tuesday’s Aspen City Council meeting. Foster was let go by the Park City Council last October with the council saying they were moving in a new direction.

According to a press release from  Aspen,  Foster was chosen from 71 applicants and she comes to Aspen with over a decade of municipal leadership experience and expertise.