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Hard news covering local government: Park City, Summit County and Wasatch County - city and county councils, planning boards, water entities and issues specific the Wasatch Back.

MHTN Architects


Bond Architect’s MHTN will have cost estimates to the Park City Board of Education by May, or June, at the latest. Moving ninth grade back to the high school remains a top priority for the school district. A multitude of considerations will drive a final school board decision regarding the design, project phasing and how much they’re willing to spend.

Summit County

A Virtual conversation with Summit County Council Members Monday was dominated by discussion about the coronavirus.    With the county contemplating a new Health Order this week to move to a Stabilization phase, citizens asked what impacts will be seen this summer—affecting everything from the County Fair to public and commercial pools.  

During the Conversation, County Health Director Rich Bullough said their numbers are very favorable.   The county has 359 COVID-19 cases, but most of those, 262,  are Recovered patients.

Summit County officials are crafting a new Public Health Order, to be unveiled by the end of this week, that will aim to gradually and carefully reopen activity in the county after the COVID-19 lockdown.

Members of the County Health Board, meeting Monday, heard that the new directive will lift the Stay At Home order.    But they’re still advising the public to follow other restrictions, like social distancing.

The new Order would mean that the county moves from the Red Phase of its Covid-19 response—that is, Urgent action—to the Orange Phase of Stabilization.

Officials at Park City Municipal have to consider the fiscal impacts they’re facing due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

One person trying to gauge the future is Utilities Director Clint McAffee who spoke to us last week.  

McAffee, who keeps an eye on the city’s water operations, said it’s no surprise that they’ve seen a dramatic drop in water use by commercial establishments since the lockdown ordered in March.

**Update April 29, 2020:

The flyover route has been released, and shows the F-35A formation will be over the Park City area around 2:45pm Thursday.

There will be thunder in the skies Thursday afternoon as fighter jets fly over Utah. Hill Air Force Base announced the flyover is a “salute” to everyone on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19, and also to those staying at home to “flatten the curve” of the virus.


The massive Dakota Pacific mixed use development will be back before the Snyderville Planning Commission Tuesday night when the commission will consider a revised plan that fits within the approved density.

Vail Resorts

In an effort to honor the loyalty of its pass holders – and perhaps stave off a class action lawsuit filed against them, Vail Resorts announced a comprehensive plan Monday morning to address pass holders’ concerns about last season’s early closures.

Sundance Institute

Without immunity or a vaccine and no knowledge if or when the coronavirus will be back with a vengeance this winter, planning for the future is difficult. Still, even with the future unknown, the Sundance Film Festival team says, for now, it’s planning for its 40th anniversay  live festival come January.

Sundance Institute Managing Director Betsy Wallace spent Friday morning on a conference call planning and budgeting for the 2021 Sundance Film Festival – which will celebrate the 40th anniversary.

Wallace says, at this point, it’s full speed ahead.

Wasatch County Manager Mike Davis has an update how Wasatch County is responding to the close of commerce – and how it plans to reopen the county. (0:30)

Executive Director of Park Silly Sunday Market, Kate McChesney explains their decision to cancel the 2020 market (15:58)

Executive Director of Christian Center of Park City, Rob Harter has the latest numbers about the services his organization is offering the community during the COVID-19 crisis. (23:57)

Summit County

Summit County officials are talking about starting some kind of reopening on May 1st —but done gradually and carefully, while watching the medical data on COVID-19.

At the same time, they’re warning that when we return to “normal”, it may not exacty be like the old ‘normal.”    And recovery isn’t going to happen quickly.  


Summit County Council Members on Wednesday came to a basic agreement about the future of their trash collection.

They said their aim is to implement a new garbage contract, rather than to take on trash pickups as an in-house operation.

County Council Member Glenn Wright said Landfill Superintendent Tim Loveday told them that an in-house operation would be costly for the first seven years, due to the costs they would have to pay for trucks, drivers and other items.        

KPCW Radio

A new scaled-back schedule for the Park City/Summit County transit system was announced recently.

On April 22nd, County Council members heard a few brief remarks about the system’s current financial outlook and its operations.

During the Comments section of the meeting, County Council Member Kim Carson and County Manager Tom Fisher mentioned they attended a recent meeting of JTAB—the Joint Transportation Advisory Board.

Summit County

Summit County Council members on April 22nd were briefed on Round Two of adjustments to their budget for 2020, in response to the economic impacts from the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown.

Their Chief Financial Officer, Matt Leavitt, detailed cuts to the budget now coming to $7.1 million.

Leavitt and County Manager Tom Fisher told the Council that  they have made some $5 million in spending cuts for the county’s operation.

Utah Department of Health

 The Utah Department of Health released new numbers Sunday afternoon about COVID-19 in the state. No new deaths were reported since Saturday.


Utah Department of Health

The Utah Department of Health released new numbers Saturday afternoon about COVID-19 in the state. According to the new case count, both Summit and Wasatch counties have not had any new hospitalizations due to COVID-19 in one week.