Lora Smith

On today's Local News Hour:

( 02:09) The Mountain Trails Foundation weekly trails report.

( 08:19 ) Summit County Community Development Director Pat Putt has an update on development projects throughout the county.

( 24:09) Kimball Art Center Director Alday Milliken and Marketing Consultant Meisha Ross have details aobut this year's Arts Festival, the new exhibit opening and upcoming adult programs.

( 37:35 ) Park City Public Utilities Director Clint McAfee has an update on the Three Kings Water Treatment plant.

Mountain Trails Foundation

Charlie Sturgis is retiring in June after 11 years of leading the local nonprofit Mountain Trails Foundation, and he thinks the transition to the leadership of longtime Mountain Trails staffer Lora Smith will be a smooth one.


"I mean if it had been someone, an outsider, they would have also probably had to move on from their other job, things like that,” Sturgis said. “So, one of the benefits certainly with Laura as a person who's been almost nine years staffer at Mountain Trails, the handoff is going to be a lot simpler."


Mountain Trails Foundation

Lora Smith has been named as the Mountain Trails Foundation’s new executive director.


The longtime staffer will succeed Charlie Sturgis, who is retiring in June after years of leading the nonprofit that builds and maintains trails in Summit County.


Smith, an 18-year resident of Summit County, has served as the Mountain Trails Foundation’s development and resource director since 2012. She’s an avid trail runner, mountain biker and cross-country skier. 


In this episode of This Green Earth Lora Smith from Mountain Trails Foundation talks about the upcoming RAP Tax Proposition that will be voted on in November.  She'll describe what the vote is about and how RAP-related taxes benefit our environment.

On today’s program, Lora Smith has a Tour de Suds update. David Beurele from Future I.Q. and Park City Budget and Strategic Planning Manager Jed Briggs talk about data from Park City's 2020 visioning process so far. Park City Councilmember Lynn Ware Peek has a recap of last night's meeting, on proposed Land Management Code changes for affordable housing, the 2020 visioning process and special events.

Local News Hour - September 6, 2019

Sep 6, 2019

On today’s program, Lora Smith has this week’s Trails Report. Summit County Planning, Zoning and Design Director Peter Barnes has an update on development projects throughout the county. Park City Road Tour Participants Glenn Wright and Lynn Ware Peek share some of their impressions from this year’s tour. Hideout Mayor Phil Rubin talks about the town's involvement with MIDA; UTOPIA internet; a recent property tax increase; and the town's annexation policy plan and Park City Christan Center Programs Director Pete Stoughton has details on this year's Hike for Hunger.

Local News Hour - October 13, 2017

Oct 13, 2017

ON today’s program, Lora Smith has today’s Mountain Trails Report with Lora Smith.  Save the Library Field organizer Ed Parigian has details on the Old Town Hoedown Celebration on Sunday marking their success. Park City Planning Commission Chairman Adam Strachan talks about Wednesday's meeting and the discovery  of a new document in the Treasure Hill development. Park City Council member Nann Worel has a recap about last night's meeting.

Local News Hour - October 28, 2016

Oct 28, 2016

On today’s program, Lora Smith has this week’s Mountain Trails Report. Host Leslie Thatcher speaks with Carol Agle and Rick Shand from the Park City Board of Realtors who have the 3rd Quarter update. Park City Mayor Jack Thomas in in with an update on city issues and Park City Special Events Manager Jenny Dierson and Police Captain Phil Kirk stops by with details on Monday’s Halloween on Main celebration. Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter has details on his successful election to the IAPC – the International Association of Police Chiefs.

On today’s program, it’s the Friday Mountain Trails Report with Lora Smith. Park City Film Series Director Katy Wang previews this weekend's screening as well as some of their upcoming events and new membership efforts. Park City Municipal sustainability Director Luke Cartin and Bina Skordas talk more about the City’s commitment to the Pro Snow initiative and finally a conversation with Guitarist  Ottmar Liebert – who is performing with his band Luna Negra at the Egyptian Theater tonight and tomorrow.

The Local News Hour - September 30, 2016

Sep 30, 2016

On today’s program, Host Leslie Thatcher speaks to Lora Smith who has  with this week's Mountain Trails Report. Brenda Burke is the executive director of the University of Utah’s Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid – she has details about the recent changes to FAFSA (Free Application For Student Aid) and how it will make it easier for you and your students. Park City Trails Coordinator Heinrich Deters gives us an update on the city’s walkability progress about City Trail Report and Michael Barille talks about his new job as director of the Historic Park City Alliance.