A Basin resident agreed to a plea in abeyance in Third District Court on Monday. This happened about six-months after he was charged with dispensing marijuana to teenagers at a party. The county also alleged that 45-year-old Adam David Childers instructed, or threatened, some of the group to conceal the crime from police.

The prosecution alleged that in December, Childers hosted a party in his Trailside-area residence, including six youngsters, who were 14 or 15 years old. The charges say he provided marijuana and encouraged the teens to smoke it.

A trial date has been set for a Basin resident who’s been charged with allegedly dispensing marijuana to six teenagers at a party last December. 

The defendant, 45-year-old Adam Childers is also accused of subsequently instructing or threatening the youngsters to conceal the crime from police.

In a Third District Court appearance, Childers defense counsel Greg Skordas and prosecutor Blake Hills indicated they haven’t come to a plea agreement.   Judge Patrick Corum set a three-day trial for September 4th through the 6th.

Utah Department of Public Safety

Utah Highway Patrol troopers seized almost $900,000 in pot on Interstate Highway 80 Monday morning. According to a press release from the Utah Department of Public Safety, around 7:30 a.m. a trooper stopped a pickup truck for an improper lane change at milepost 158, between the Wanship and Coalville. In talking to the driver, the trooper found out the pickup truck was a rental and was traveling with four other personally owned cars. A drug-sniffing dog indicated there were drugs in the pickup truck.

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