The Market At Park City

The Market at Park City

With stay at home orders in place allowing only essential travel, Summit County grocery stores are one of the few place’s residents can still go to.

Owner Manager of the Park City Market Mike Holme has decades of experience in the grocery business. His team is dedicated to cleaning and sanitizing, but he says it’s hard because they can’t keep the disinfectant wipes in stock. He says when they run out, they use a strong spray solution to sanitize shopping carts.

Steve Hamilton / Larkin Mortuary

The Park City Market Pharmacist Steve Hamilton, known and beloved by many Park City locals passed away on November 27 after a short illness. Since his passing, social media has exploded with an outpouring of condolences and grief for the loss to this community.

The Market At Park City

A local grocery store has reached its breaking point on frequent shoplifting during lunch hours. Since the first of November the police have been called on three separate days to detain students from Park City High School who have been accused of stealing food.

The Market at Park City Store Manager Rush Hotchkiss told KPCW the market has tried for several years to address shoplifting by students during lunch, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.