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Mountain Money - March 29, 2021

Mar 29, 2021

Today (1:16) Connor Daugherty, an economics reporter for the New York Times joined Mountain Money to talk about his book “Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America” 

Utah voters passed a medical marijuana initiative, known as Prop 2, in 2018. Last March, dispensaries started popping up around the state.  For many states, marijuana sales taxes significantly increase the state’s revenue. Will Utah see such a windfall?  Helping us to understand the potential revenue benefits from marijuana sales in (26:11) Utah is State Treasurer David Damschen.

Utah Department of Health

  Wasatch Back residents with a medical cannabis card will soon be able to avoid a trip down to Salt Lake Valley.



Utah voters passed a medical marijuana initiative, known as Prop 2, in 2018. Last March, dispensaries started popping up around the state. 

One of the dispensaries, Deseret Wellness opened a location in Provo. They expected to open another in Park City on Kearns Boulevard last September, however, the opening was delayed.  

Utah Department of Health

Park City’s first medical marijuana dispensary has been approved by the state and the company behind the effort hopes to have their storefront open this fall.


When Utah voters passed the state’s medical cannabis law, known as Prop 2, in 2018, there was a mad dash by companies eager to open dispensaries across the state.


Today on the Local News Hour:

(05:55) - Summit County Manager Tom Fisher gives a preview of this week's council meeting agenda

(24:44) - CEO of Holy Cross Ministries Emmie Gardner talks with Carolyn about how they plan to use the $40,000 high impact grant they received from the Women’s Giving Fund.

(38:28) - Jeremy Sumerix from Deseret Wellness gives an update on what locals can expect with the medical marijuana dispensary scheduled to open in Park City.

Utah Department of Health

The Utah Department of Health announced the companies that have been awarded medical cannabis pharmacy licenses. 

The State Health Department awarded 10 companies 14 licenses, with four of the business having two licenses each. One of those is Deseret Wellness, which has a license for a location in Provo and one in Summit County within the Snyderville Basin Planning District. That facility is set to be located at 4554 Forestdale Dr., off Highway 40 past Home Depot.

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert issued a call for a special session of the State Legislature Thursday, to amend Utah’s medical cannabis law. 

The special session is scheduled for Monday, Sept. 16. In a press release from the governor’s office, Gov. Gary Herbert says taking the state-run, central fill pharmacy out of the equation will help ensure patients have access to medical cannabis by March 2020, the deadline set during a December 2018 special session when the legislature overrode the Proposition 2 medical cannabis ballot initiative.

Michael Fischer

The Summit County Council Wednesday was visited by representatives of the group behind last year’s Proposition 2 campaign for access to medical marijuana.

They’re asking the county to join them in their lawsuit against the bill passed by Utah legislators, which supplanted Proposition 2, and now designates local governments as marijuana distributors.

The Council heard from Christine Stenquist—the founder and Executive Director of TRUCE, which stands for Together for Responsible Use in Cannabis Education.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

Summit County Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said the new medical marijuana law raises some big questions about how the regulation will shake out for them.

For one thing, it’s leading to a reduced, or different, role for their K-9 officers.

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said that for now, anyway, they’re taking their drug-sniffing dogs off traffic stops.

Utah State

Medical Marijuana is legal in Utah but the Summit County Sheriff’s Department is unclear how to carry out their duties when it comes to traffic stops that include marijuana possession.

Summit County Sheriff, Justin Martinez says the legalization of medical marijuana, has left his deputies at a loss of what to do when they smell marijuana during a traffic stop.

Michael Fischer

The state legislature’s Medical marijuana law is leaving Summit County with a number of challenges and questions, according to council member Kim Carson.

Under the new law, each health district in the state has to provide at least one marijuana dispensary. But that obligation could be met if a private entity came in. We asked Carson if the county is going to invest its own time and money at this point on a facility.

Michael Fischer

As we’ve reported, the Utah Legislature’s approval of medical marijuana calls for county health departments to become dispensaries.

County council member Glenn Wright sees some problems, and even dangers, in that.

Wright told KPCW that there are a couple of local problems with the new marijuana law.

Proposition 2 legalizing medical marijuana passed 53 to 47 percent but in October, a compromise was reached promising that the Utah legislature would legalize medical marijuana regardless of the voter outcome. A special legislative session will take place on Monday where state lawmakers will vote on the new language in a compromise bill. KPCW talked with Representative Tim Quinn about the differences between the new bill and the proposition 2 initiative and what can be expected with the legalization of medical marijuana here in Utah in the coming months. Carolyn Murray has this:

Governor Gary Herbert is calling the legislature into a special session on Monday to vote on the medical marijuana compromise bill. Voters passed Proposition 2 which was the citizen-led voter referendum legalizing medical cannabis in Utah. Lawmakers negotiated a compromise with the Prop 2 advocates before election day promising that regardless of the outcome, the state would make medical marijuana legal in Utah. Utah House Representative for Park City and Wasatch County, Tim Quinn will be on KPCW Thursday morning during the Local News Hour.

Michael Fischer

This week's Project for Deeper Understanding at St. Luke's Episcopal Church looks at the debate over Proposition 2, calling for Medical Marijuana on this November's ballot.

The event tonight will feature 10 panelists. Two of them visited KPCW Wednesday for an exchange of views.

The panel on September 20th takes place at St. Luke's near the Blue Roof at Silver Springs. It runs from 7:00 to 9:00 pm and will be broadcast live on KPCW.

Medical Marijuana Ad Reported To State Election Office

Sep 7, 2018
Utah State

It’s September and election season is here. There are several ballot initiatives this election cycle and Proposition 2, the legalization of Medical Cannabis, is getting a lot of media attention. Recently, The Utah Patients Coalition submitted a formal complaint to the Lieutenant Governor’s office claiming the opposition group’s advertising was illegal and deliberately spreading mis-information about the Proposition 2.  Carolyn Murray has this report: