Midway City


Summit Land Conservancy is partnering with Wasatch area local governments and private landowners to preserve a 78-acre parcel called the Mountain Spa located in Midway. It’s a unique coalition of interests coming together to save open space that would otherwise be slated for homes and development. 


Midway City


The Midway City Council did not approve putting a $4 million bond measure on November’s ballot on Tuesday night. The bond would have paid for the burial of about a mile of power lines set to run through the city.


In order for the city council to pass a bond measure in Midway, a supermajority of at least four councilmembers must vote in favor of it. 


On today's Local News Hour :

( 00:04) - Midway Mayor Celeste Johnson has the latest on whether the council approved putting a $4-million bond to put the power lines underground on November's ballot.

(12:49) - Snyderville Basin Resident John Nowoslowski  has an update on the cash reward for the elk slaughter back in February and what to do with it since no one was arrested for the crime.



Both the Heber and Midway City Councils are scheduled to meet on Tuesday evening. Hot-button issues like Heber’s new banner ordinance and a potential bond proposal in Midway are both up for discussion.


The meetings in Heber and Midway are set to happen simultaneously at 6 p.m. on Tuesday, Aug.18. Members of the public will be able to participate virtually due to COVID-19 restrictions on in-person meetings.


Midway City

The Midway City Council is set to consider putting a $4 million dollar bond measure on the ballot in November to pay for the burial of about a mile of power lines running through the city at next Tuesday’s city council meeting. Midway Mayor Celeste Johnson says right now, the city is in a tough spot.


Midway City

Last Tuesday the Midway City Council heard a brief conversation regarding a request to make some upgrades and changes to the Homestead Resort.


Plans to revitalize the Homestead Resort in Midway have been a topic of conversation for the past year and a half. Last year, a local company’s plans to purchase and revitalize the resort stalled when the company and one of the property owners within the resort were unable to resolve a title issue. 


Midway City

Midway and Rocky Mountain Power’s dispute regarding the timing and cost of a power project that will cover about a mile of the city is now being reviewed by an appellate court.

Rocky Mountain Power will be constructing new transmission lines to carry power through the southern portion of Midway to the Midway Substation connecting to the Jordanelle Dam Substation. The project has been approved but the question of whether the power lines go high overhead or are buried underground is yet to be answered.


Today on the Local News Hour:

(08:27) - Midway Mayor Celeste Johnson talks with Carolyn about the court ordered stay on a disputed case between the city of Midway and Rocky Mountain Power.

(20:20) - The Christian Center of Park City Executive Director Rob Harter discusses the services they offer for those individuals and families who are struggling to meet rent and utility payments during this time.

Utah Open Lands

Wasatch County Council voted Wednesday evening to approve issuing two million dollars to the preservation of a 100-acre dairy farm in the valley.

Midway City


Midway City Council meets Tuesday evening to discuss a variety of development projects in the city, including potentially updating the Homestead Master Plan.


Plans to revitalize the Homestead Resort in Midway have been a topic of conversation for the past year and a half. Now the owners of the resort are coming again to the City Council to ask for a master plan amendment. 


Midway City

  Midway City Council authorized the use of one million dollars to preserve 82 acres of open space in the city Tuesday evening. The owner of the land said they’d like the city to keep the money to improve the land.

Midway City

A ruling by a state utility board would have put an end to Midway’s bid to place transmission lines underground.  That movement is still alive as City council voted to ask for a stay on the ruling Tuesday evening.  

Volt Citizens Group

70% of Midway residents polled wish to have new large transmission lines buried underground, and over half a million dollars have been raised to fund that effort. Despite that support, The lines could end up overhead due to high costs and a large power companies reported deadline.

Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands

The Saddle Fire has burned 683 acres and is up to 70% contained.

Wasatch County Fire

The Saddle Fire located to the north of Midway and Interlaken has burned 646 acres but is 40% contained.