Kohler Creamery

Wasatch Back residents can familiarize themselves with farm equipment this weekend. As a Heber Valley business is hosting an event called Touch a Tractor day.

The event takes this place this Friday and Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm at Kohler Creamery located at 920 River Road in Midway.  

Heber Valley Artisan Cheese Communications Specialist Tamra Annett explains the dairy farm worked with four tractor dealers including Valley Kuboto and High Valley Rental in Heber to bring the machines to the farm.

The case of a 13-year-old girl who went missing from the Homestead Resort Saturday afternoon appears to be a runaway situation, and not an abduction.


The family and friends of Annika Rose Bird put up a Facebook post late Saturday. The post said that at around 1:00 pm she was swimming at the resort in Midway with relatives, said she was going to their car and didn't return.


Update: It appears that Anika is a runaway and has not been abducted. Read that story here.



















Be a Midway Volksmarch Sponsor! A Volksmarch is a European tradition that involves the whole community in a fun 5 or 10k walk to bring people together and celebrate what makes their town unique. Pure Midway and the Midway Historic Preservation Committee are bringing this European tradition to the Swiss style village of Midway on September 21st. The organizers are seeking businesses to sponsor the Volksmarch. It's a great way to get your name out and show your support of Midway.

Midway City

Midway City has been abuzz for the past nine months after a local company showed interest in buying and re-energizing the Homestead Resort. The sale of the property has stalled as of late. Now the potential buyer of the resort says that if the issue is not resolved soon it could mean the resort won’t sell.

Midway City

Midway City Council meets tomorrows to discuss a variety of issues including final approval for a 50-lot subdivision. 

Midway City Council meets in regular session Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm at the Midway Community Center on Main Street.

Midway City Council agenda includes an update on a proposed plaza in Centennial Park, a possible granting of a permit for a preschool, and discussions around parking requirements for commercial and mixed-use developments. There also will be potential final approvals for some subdivisions in town.

The filing period for municipal elections across Utah started Monday and runs through this Friday, June 7. A number of city council seats in Summit and Wasatch Counties are open for election. 

In Summit County, Park City, Kamas, Coalville and Oakley have three council seats open for four-year terms. Additionally, Oakley has one two-year seat up for election. Francis has two council seats available for four-year terms.

A panel of elected officials met together to discuss challenges and plans for the Wasatch Back as part of the annual Wasatch Back Summit.

The panel of elected officials included the Mayors of Kamas, Park City, Heber and Midway. The panel also included councilmembers from Summit and Wasatch Counties. The panel was asked about what the groups are doing to address transit issues between the communities. Midway Mayor Celesete Johnson answered that a study was already underway.

Midway City

Midway City Council meets Tuesday at 6:00 to work on a few items including the city’s budget and a master plan for a 36-lot subdivision. Notably missing from the agenda is the Homestead Resort.

The council meets in regular session at 6:00 pm at the Midway Community Center located at 160 West Main Street.

A public hearing is scheduled to discuss the Saddle Creek Ranch Master Plan. The Planned Unit Development is located at 970 South 250 West and has 57 building pads, but City Planner Michael Henke says the developer would like to reduce the density.

Heber City

As spring approaches Heber Valley municipalities are looking to make some improvements to their park facilities.

Midway City

Around a dozen Midway Citizens stood up at the Tuesday Midway City Council meeting to voice opinions on requested amendments to the Homestead Resort Master Plan.

Midway City

Midway City Council meets Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm at the Midway Community Center on 160 West Main Street to discuss and potentially approve amendments to the Homestead Resort Master Plan.

Salt Lake Company Watts Enterprises signed a purchase agreement to acquire the Homestead Resort from its current owners. Watts Enterprises has plans to replace every building at the resort, excluding the Virginia House.


Midway landowners were invited to a meeting last week to find out how to preserve their land using the $5 million open space bond the city passed in November.

Midway City Council

The Homestead Resort in Midway will likely have a new owner and brand-new buildings as well.

Watts Enterprises a Salt Lake City company has signed a purchase agreement to acquire the Homestead Resort from its current owners. Watts Enterprises has been working with Midway City council to amend the current masterplan for the resort in order to make some changes. The company’s president Russ Watts explains the proposed plan is all part of a revitalization effort.

According to Deer Valley Resort at around 11:30 am on Tuesday morning the 62-year-old man hit a tree while skiing in the Empire Canyon area at Deer Valley Resort. Deer Valley Ski Patrol responded to the situation along with Park City Fire and Park City Police department. The man was later identified by Park City police as Midway resident Paul Brown.

Brown's obituary states that a viewing will be held tonight from 6-8 pm at the LDS Stake Center at 165 North Center Street, in Midway.