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Midway City Council meets Tuesday evening to discuss a variety of development projects in the city, including potentially updating the Homestead Master Plan.


Plans to revitalize the Homestead Resort in Midway have been a topic of conversation for the past year and a half. Now the owners of the resort are coming again to the City Council to ask for a master plan amendment. 


Midway City

  Midway City Council authorized the use of one million dollars to preserve 82 acres of open space in the city Tuesday evening. The owner of the land said they’d like the city to keep the money to improve the land.

Midway City

A ruling by a state utility board would have put an end to Midway’s bid to place transmission lines underground.  That movement is still alive as City council voted to ask for a stay on the ruling Tuesday evening.  

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70% of Midway residents polled wish to have new large transmission lines buried underground, and over half a million dollars have been raised to fund that effort. Despite that support, The lines could end up overhead due to high costs and a large power companies reported deadline.

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Midway City Council will discuss how to limit multiple families living in a single home Tuesday evening, while Heber City will hear yet another annexation application.

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Heber and Midway Cities will be holding regularly scheduled City Council meetings tonight. Wasatch County Council will also host a special meeting to hear an update from the County Health Department. All three entities have made the meetings online friendly in response to COVID-19.

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At Tuesday’s Midway City Council meeting the council committed 1/5 of their open space bond to the preservation of the Albert Kohler Legacy Farm. After a public hearing and receiving feedback from the community the council approved a motion to sign a letter of financial support in the amount of $1,000,000 to the dairy farm.

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Midway City Council will consider pledging 1,000,000 to the Albert Kohler Legacy Farm conservation project on Tuesday. The council will consider issuing the five-million-open space bond passed by residents in 2018.

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The Utah Utility Facility Review Board held their initial hearing regarding Rocky Mountain Power’s petition against Midway City on Tuesday.

Business leaders in the Heber Valley heard from local elected officials at the state of the Heber Valley at Tuesday’s Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce luncheon, including Midway’s Mayor.

Wasatch County

The choice to place high voltage transmission lines overhead or underground through Midway is getting close to a decision point. Rocky Mountain Power hopes to have bids to place lines underground by the end of February, leaving Midway about a month to finalize funding to bury the lines.

Midway City

Parking in Midway’s downtown was a large part of discussion at the city council’s most recent meeting.

Members of the Valley Opposition to Large Transmission lines, or VOLT, are busy working to raise $1.5 million to fund the burial of about a one mile stretch transmission lines that will go through Midway City, but the clock is ticking on that effort.

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At their Tuesday meeting Midway City Council swore in Lisa Kohler Orme for another term, as well as first term council members Steve Dougherty and Kevin Payne. One of the first items discussed by the new council was parking.

At their first meeting of 2020 Midway City Council considered an ordinance to amend their code regarding Festival Market Business Licenses, in order to incentivize the creation of public parking. Midway City planner Michael Henke introduced the idea.

Midway City

Heber and Midway City Council’s gather in their first meeting of the new year on Tuesday. In addition to swearing in new council members both councils also have a full agenda.