Midway Open Space

Midway City

Midway City Council received a report on the efforts from their Open Space Committee. The council also continued approval for a subdivision that would place just one house on seven acres.

The Midway open space committee brought four applications that have moved along the furthest to the Midway City Council at their Tuesday October 1st meeting.

Pure Midway

Midway residents voted to fund a $5 million open space bond last November. The Midway Open Space Committee is now engaging in conversations with those interested in preserving their land.

Midway Mayor Celeste Johnson says that the credit for passing the open space bond belongs to volunteers and members of the Midway Open Space Committee

“What a committee,” Johnson said. “Again, I can't scream loud enough from enough rooftops the level volunteerism and expertise we have in our town. So that committee has probably put in more hours than any committee to date.”


Midway landowners were invited to a meeting last week to find out how to preserve their land using the $5 million open space bond the city passed in November.

Pure Midway

Landowners and others interested in preserving open space in Wasatch County are invited to a series of meetings and public hearings this week.

Pure Midway

After passing a $5 Million open space bond, the next six months will be busy for Midway City Council and staff.

Midway Mayor Celeste Johnson says there are two items to focus on during the next few months in order for the Midway open space bond to succeed. Step one is completing the bonding process.


After Midway voters passed a five-million-dollar bond last November land owners in Midway can expect a letter in the mail from the city soon. That’s one item the Midway Open Space Committee recommended to the Midway City Council on Tuesday.

Open Space Committee Chair Courtland Nelson recommended sending out letters to all land owners in Midway to alert them of the opportunity to preserve land. The bond money is limited within the annexation boundaries of Midway, with priority given to lots within city limits.