Midway City

Midway City Council meets Tuesday evening at 6:00 pm at the Midway Community Center on 160 West Main Street to discuss and potentially approve amendments to the Homestead Resort Master Plan.

Salt Lake Company Watts Enterprises signed a purchase agreement to acquire the Homestead Resort from its current owners. Watts Enterprises has plans to replace every building at the resort, excluding the Virginia House.


Midway landowners were invited to a meeting last week to find out how to preserve their land using the $5 million open space bond the city passed in November.

Midway City Council

The Homestead Resort in Midway will likely have a new owner and brand-new buildings as well.

Watts Enterprises a Salt Lake City company has signed a purchase agreement to acquire the Homestead Resort from its current owners. Watts Enterprises has been working with Midway City council to amend the current masterplan for the resort in order to make some changes. The company’s president Russ Watts explains the proposed plan is all part of a revitalization effort.

According to Deer Valley Resort at around 11:30 am on Tuesday morning the 62-year-old man hit a tree while skiing in the Empire Canyon area at Deer Valley Resort. Deer Valley Ski Patrol responded to the situation along with Park City Fire and Park City Police department. The man was later identified by Park City police as Midway resident Paul Brown.

Brown's obituary states that a viewing will be held tonight from 6-8 pm at the LDS Stake Center at 165 North Center Street, in Midway.

Heber City

Both Heber and Midway City Councils meet Tuesday evening. On the city’s agendas include discussions about Heber’s Main Street, and a potential preliminary approval for a new subdivision in Midway.

Heber City Council meeting takes place at 6:00 pm at the City Offices items on the agenda include a presentation from the Community Alliance for Main Street also known as CAMS another presentation will come from the Children’s Justice Center.

Heber and Midway Planning Commissions meet today to discuss amongst other things, standards for storage sheds and standards for cul-de-sac sizes.

Heber Planning Commission meeting takes place 6:00 pm on Tuesday evening at Heber City Office Building on Main Street. The meeting will begin with a public hearing to consider possible adoption of standards for commercial storage sheds.

Pure Midway

After passing a $5 Million open space bond, the next six months will be busy for Midway City Council and staff.

Midway Mayor Celeste Johnson says there are two items to focus on during the next few months in order for the Midway open space bond to succeed. Step one is completing the bonding process.


After Midway voters passed a five-million-dollar bond last November land owners in Midway can expect a letter in the mail from the city soon. That’s one item the Midway Open Space Committee recommended to the Midway City Council on Tuesday.

Open Space Committee Chair Courtland Nelson recommended sending out letters to all land owners in Midway to alert them of the opportunity to preserve land. The bond money is limited within the annexation boundaries of Midway, with priority given to lots within city limits.

Pure Midway

On Tuesday, residents of Midway passed a $5 million open space bond.

With a 54% to 45% vote Midway residents agreed to a $5 million open space bond. Pure Midway board member Kate Noble says that the conservation group is ecstatic about the news.

Pure Midway

Residents of Midway are being asked to approve a $5 million open space bond on this November's ballot--even while all of Wasatch County will also consider an open space bond of up to $10 million on the same election day.

The citizens group Pure Midway is campaigning for the local bond and a representative talked to KPCW on Monday.

The Pure Midway group is hosting a meeting on Tuesday, October 2nd, starting at 6:00 pm at Midway's Community Center. A representative for the group, Kate Noble, said attendees are invited to make their arguments for and against the bond.

Midway Almost Certain To Put Open Space Out To Voters

Jul 6, 2018
MIdway City

Midway City is close to issuing a bond referendum for open space conservation.  If the City Council approves of the initiative, it will be on November’s ballot. Midway also faces the pending loss of a City Resort Tax amounting to $1.2 million in revenues.  Carolyn Murray has this:

New Director of Utah State Park Jeff Rasmussen comes into his new role with 25 years of experience. He’s been deputy director since 2012. He says his vision for State Parks is to continue to offer great services while keeping up with trends.

“People that we have working at our state parks know best what our customers are looking for because they’re with them every day,” Rasmussen said “they’re always coming up with new ideas 'hey we need to offer a floating water park at Jordanelle' it’s because of that creativity and dedication that we come up with these ideas”

Heber City

A $15 million open space bond resolution passed the Wasatch County Council on Wednesday in a 4 to 3 vote. Wasatch County residents will have the chance to weigh in on the ballot initiative in November.  The work of writing the bond language and educating the public begins immediately.  Carolyn Murray has this:  

Soldier Hollow Nordic Center Photo Gene Sweney Jr.

The Soldier Hollow Nordic Center in Midway will host the Cross-Country Junior National Championships next month. The venue is part of the Olympic Legacy Foundation and due to recent events, there is added excitement in welcoming the Nation’s best junior Nordic athletes.  Carolyn Murray has this:


Rocky Mountain Power and Heber Light & Power are working on a project to install high power transmission lines to connect the Jordanelle and Midway substations. Power poles as high as 110 feet would run through the Heber Valley. Public opposition has forced a temporary halt to the project. Carolyn Murray has this: