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Heber Light & Power has a new executive board made up of the three mayors from Heber, Midway and Charleston.  It’s a complete turnover in leadership and with that comes a big change in direction.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Ice Castle Opens in Midway

Dec 28, 2017
Ice Castle Melissa Smuznyski

 On Friday night, the Ice Castle in Midway at the Homestead Resort, opens to the public.  It’s built on about an acre on the driving range behind the resort and offers a frosty adventure for kids and adults. Carolyn Murray has this.

Midway Hosts Annual Creche Exhibit

Nov 30, 2017

For 20 years, the town of Midway has held a Creche Exhibit that shows private collections from residents.  It’s an event that inspires thousands to visit Town Hall during the 4 day showcase. This year, a private collection will be displayed in conjunction with the annual Midway event. Carolyn Murray has this:

Jared "JC" Simonsen Runs for Midway City Council

Oct 24, 2017
Jared "JC" Simonsen

Jared “JC” Simonsen is running for Midway City Council.  He comes from the small town of Manti, Utah.  He works in software design developing business management and accounting applications. He’s lived in Midway for 5 years.  Carolyn Murray has this:  

Midway Residents Want Open Space Bond

Sep 7, 2017

     In a recent vote, the Midway City Council refused to put an open space bond on November’s ballot, saying all of the details had not been worked out. Pure Midway is the citizens group interested in preserving the rural setting and is building support for their cause.  Carolyn Murray has more:

Carol Clawson

The annual Soldier Hollow Classic starts early Friday morning in Midway with the sheep dog championship and festival. Carolyn Murray has more:


The Midway City Council is holding a special meeting on Thursday to decide whether to put an open space bond on November's ballot.

The special meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 17th at 6pm in the city council chambers.  Although the council was scheduled to meet on August 23rd, Mayor Collen Bonner says she'll be gone as well as some of the council members, so if the council wants to put this on this November's ballot, they have to make a decision before the August 25th deadline.

Additional votes will be counted and posted online on Friday. The Election Canvas is scheduled for Tuesday, Aug. 22 10 a.m. - 25 North Main St. Heber City. 

Heber City Mayor - Top 2 move on 

Kelleen Potter - 535

Alan Wayne McDonald - 505

Nick Lopez - 85

Heber City Council - Top 4 move on

Wayne Hardman - 440

Heidi Franco - 438

Perry Rose - 333

Mark Tobler - 281

Darek Slagowski - 259

Ryan Stack - 223

Jim Mortensen - 92

Midway Mayor - 2 move on

Wasatch County: More Ballot Issues

Aug 2, 2017
Wasatch County

The Wasatch County ballot issues are not limited to the problems out lined in the KPCW report Tuesday. Another problem has surfaced that involves the wrong ballots going to about 1500 county residents. Carolyn Murray has this:

Primary Ballot Problems in Wasatch County

Aug 1, 2017

Utah Primary Election ballots were mailed on July 25th.  Most people would have received them by now.  There seems to be a small snafu with Wasatch County ballots for those registered with any other party besides the Republican Party.  Carolyn Murray has this:

A Wasatch County resident was accidentally shot on Saturday while out target-shooting with his daughter. Rick Brough has more.


Midway has jumped on the Bonanza Flat bandwagon.  The city council voted last week to give money to Park City's effort to buy and preserve the land.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has the story: 


 What's the five-year plan for Midway?  A recent survey of residents shows they want more open space, more animals and better trails.  City leaders are holding a public workshop Tuesday, June 14, from 6pm - 8pm, at town hall to get input on the city's general plan.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has more:  


At the May 11th Midway City Council meeting, some residents spoke out against a proposed storage unit development on Main Street .  And now City Council will discuss the issue in their meeting Friday morning, May 20th.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has the story:

Lon Lovett

The Midway Ice Castles opens Friday, January 8th.  The owners say colder temperatures this year mean the attraction will be bigger and better than ever before.  Plus, they've made some changes to the ticketing system to help control the crowds.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has the story:

Here's a link to the Ice Castles website: