Mountain Money

On the program, Kadan Bradley,  from  The Bedroom Park City, Located in NewPark Town Center. An all-new luxury collection offering of the finest beds, linens, massage chairs and sleepy boutique gift shop items.

Stephen MacKay From Old Town Cellars. Old Town Cellars represents the future of winemaking - absent of ego, full of flavor and defined by the community and culture in which it's made. Old Town Cellars  is moving to a new location in Old Town by Thanksgiving.



  The first guest on the program is Margaret O’Mara,  author of “The Code” Silicon Valley And The Remaking Of America.  O'Mara has produced the definitive history of Silicon Valley for our time, the story of mavericks and visionaries, but also of powerful institutions creating the framework for innovation, from the Pentagon to Stanford University.











The third guests on the program were Sheron and Errol Grant, owners of the 11th Hauz Jamaican Restaurant in Newpark Town Center. They specialize in authentic Jamaican Dishes.

The second guest on the program was Rachel Blechman, Director of Strategic Partnerships with Ventum in Heber City. Ventum is a maker of high-performance racing bicycles and the Official Global Bike Partner of IRONMAN. Ventum is moving to a new corporate headquarters in Heber, Utah, where it plans to hire 32 additional employees this year.

The first guest on the program was Reed Hundt, author of “A Crisis Wasted” This book is the compelling story of President Obama’s domestic policy decisions made between September 2008 and his inauguration on January 20, 2009. The book describes these decisions and discusses how the results could have been different. Based on dozens of interviews with actors in the Obama transition, as well as the author’s personal observations, this book provides unique commentary of those defining decisions of winter 2008–2009.

Young entrepreneur Ezra Rosenfield makes toys for pets.  His Pupcycle Toys company uses recycled materials to make unusual toys for dogs and cats.  He markets them online and Park Silly Market.

On the second segment of the program, Emily Burney, owner of  Auntie Em’s Baked Goods stopped by. Located inside of the Kimball Art Center, Auntie Em's is a purveyor of small-batch pies and cookies. All goods are freshly baked in Park City, with wholesome, natural ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. 

Roger and Doug's first guest is John Brandt,  author of Nincompoopery. In the book, John shines a light on the ridiculous organizational structures that make employees look like nincompoops while driving customers crazy, and he offers leaders a path forward—a highly-actionable Anti-Nincompoopery plan, based on three deceptively simple, research-validated strategies: innovation, talent and process. 

Perry Dickson of Slim and Knobby’s Bike Shop stopped by to tell us about their new location at 84 South Main Street in Heber. At Slim and Knobby’s they pride themselves in being the most exceptional and experienced bike shop in the region. Their mechanics all have over a decade of experience each and achieve excellence with every build and work order. 

 Mark Enderle is the  CEO of Storied Development LCC, the developer of Talisker Club. He visited with Roger and Renai about Talisker Club’s recent acquisition of the historic Coal & Lumber Building at the center of Park City’s famed Main Street which recently opened as Courchevel, a Talisker Club Bistro. 

Renai and Roger's first guest is Tyler Cowen,  author of Big, Business: A Love Letter To An American Anti-Hero. Tyler Cowen is Holbert L. Harris Chair of Economics at George Mason University and serves as chairman and general director of the Mercatus Center at George Mason University.  In Big Business, Cowen puts forth an impassioned defense of corporations and their essential role in a balanced, productive, and progressive society. He dismantles common misconceptions and untangles conflicting intuitions. 

Tori Sowul is in the pre-production phase of Rock Roselle – Mountain Bike Apparel designed for women - a company that designs highly technical garments that are tailor-made for women with a perfect blend of femininity and strength, comfort and style.  Tori Is beginning the brands journey with one mountain bike jersey – she hopes to expand into a full collection. Shorts, tanks, additional jersey designs and casual wear.

Dr. Jim Suttie has been teaching golf to all types of golfers for over 42 years. He has worked with pros on the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour and the Champions Tour. He has worked with beginners as well as your average player. His specialty is juniors as he coached at four different universities. He also specializes in working with golfers with physical problems. For example if you have a bad hip, knee or back, Dr. Suttie is the man to see in the U.S. Not only does he have a doctorate in this area but he suffers from these problems himself.

Are Endless Distractions Dragging You Down At Work? Dr. Cynthia Howard ( is an executive coach, performance expert and the author of The Resilient Leader, Mindset Makeover: Uncover the Elephant in the Room. She holds a PhD in human development and in the past 20-plus years she has coached thousands of professionals, leaders and executives toward mindset mastery and consistent success.