Mountain Monry

The first guest on the program is Amity Shales, author of Great Society – A New History.  In Great Society, Amity Shlaes shows that in fact there was scant difference between two presidents we consider opposites: Johnson and Nixon. Just as technocratic military planning by “the Best and the Brightest” made failure in Vietnam inevitable, so planning by a team of the domestic best and brightest guaranteed fiasco at home. At once history and biography, Great Society sketches moving portraits of the characters in this transformative period, from U.S.

What are the kinds of costs and other impacts that climate change could impose on this country? How has the role of the federal government changed under the current administration?  Has the government simply eliminated wasteful red tape?  And what role have state government taken on with respect to this issue?

Max Doilney is in studio talking about dramatic changes to the Corner Store Pub and Grill.

Mounain Money - October 22, 2018 Jason Ware

Oct 22, 2018

As Chief Investment Officer and Chief Economist Jason Ware steers Alboin’s Investment Management Team through complex and ever-changing markets. He joins Roger and Graham in a conversation about the markets.

Since its establishment in 2008, Gallery MAR has been a place where brilliant artistic vision meets the everyday lives of collectors around the globe. Maren Mullin visits with Renai and Roger.