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Cada Domingo - Out Of Control Army - 08-29-21

Sep 6, 2021

Ska is a genre that has been thriving in Mexico for some years now. Out Of Control Army is one of the most prominent Ska groups in México. We spend the hour with group-member/Saxophonist/Composer Deals chatting about the group's history, the world of Ska in México, and we hear some of their work.


Cada Domingo - 08-15-21 - Santos Jaguar

Aug 22, 2021

Urban artist Santos Jaguar has gone through some major changes during the pandemic shutdown, including shifting his musical focus. He joins us to share some of his new work, and talk about the changes, and much more!

Artista urbano Santos Jaguar ha hecho cambios enormes durante el cierre de la pandemia, incluyendo cambiando su enfoque musical. El nos acompaña para compartir algo de su nuevo trabajo, y habla de los cambios y mucho más!


Cada Domingo - Skylar So Fresh - 08-08-21

Aug 14, 2021

Urban artist Skylar So Fresh joins us to talk about his shift in musical focus, the lessons learned during the shutdown of the pandemic, and we are the first to hear his latest work!

Artista urbano Skylar So Fresh nos acompaña para hablar de su cambio de enfoque musical, las lecciones aprendidas durante el cierre de la pandemia, y somos los primeros en escuchar su ultimo trabajo antes que nadie!


Cada Domingo - Pura Vida Entertainment - 07-18-21

Jul 18, 2021

Pura Vida Entertainment is an artist collective founded in 2019 in West Valley City, Utah. Founders Gloco, Roque, Lalo Lucas and Gaél Maldonado from group Los Del Valle join us to talk about the collective, the artist members of the collective, their mission, and much more.

Pura Vida Entertainment es una colectiva de artistas fundada en el 2019 en West Valley City, Utah. Fundadores Gloco, Roque, Lalo Lucas, y Gaél Maldonado del grupo Los Del Valle nos acompañan para hablar de la colectiva, los miembros artistas de la colectiva, su misión, y múcho más.

Cada Domingo - Pato Machete - 07-11-21

Jul 12, 2021

Legendary Mexican Urban Artist Pato Machete returns to Cada Domingo to chat about his experiences during the pandemic, his latest work and collaborations, and the spirit behind his music. We also hear some of his work.


Cada Domingo - Rikz - 06-27-21

Jun 28, 2021

Mexican Urban Artist RYKZ joins us to talk about his career, spanning over a decade. He shares some of his experiences, talks about his work and collaborations, and we hear some of his music. 

Cada Domingo - Angel David Lindes - 06-27-21

Jun 28, 2021

Singer/Songwriter/Author Angel David Lindes joins us again. We share an isightful conversation about pain, forgiveness, and healing. We also talk about his experiences, his work, and how the pandemic shaped his work for the last year and a half. We also hear some of his latest songs.

Cada Domingo - Giaco - 05-30-21

May 31, 2021

Urban artist Giaco returns to Cada Domingo to debut his new single Soñar Contigo, a collaboration with Big Metra. We also talk about his plans for the future, his development as an artist, and much more.


Artista Urbano Giaco regresa a Cada Domingo para estrenar su nuevo sencillo Soñar Contigo, una colaboración con Big Metra. 

Cada Domingo - Epik Jimenez - 05-23-21

May 23, 2021

Mexican Ska band The Big Browns has been at the forefront of the thriving Ska scene in Mexico for some time now. Bandmember Epik Jimenez joins us to talk about the history of Ska from its origins in Jamaica in the 1950's, to the Californian resurgence in the 1990's to its recent popularity in Mexico, dubbed The Ska Capital of the World. We spend the hour chatting with Epik about the band's origins, their influences, and hear some of their music.


Cada Domingo - Perro Callejero - 04-04-21

Apr 5, 2021

Mexican Urban Rock group Perro Callejero has been performing for 15 years. Their popular release "Yo Quiero Ser" launched them into the Mexican Rock scene in 2006, and they have been going strong since. Singer Issac joins us to talk about the history, challenges & accomplishments of Perro Callejero, and we hear some of their older and more recent work.

Cada Domingo - Lalo Blues 03-07-21

Mar 7, 2021

With a career spanning over 3 decades, Banda Bostik has retained a strong following. Their sound has remained consistent through their career. We spend the hour chatting with Lalo Blues, guitarrist for Banda Bostik talking about the band's history, chat about the changes in the world of music, and hear some of their work. Thanks to Eddie Juarez for facilitating the chat.

Cada Domingo - Zaky Fire - 02-14-21

Feb 14, 2021

Starting a musical career can be difficult, and predicting the future is impossible. Urban rapper Zaky Fire decided to launch his career in 2019, months before the first cases of COVID-19 emerged. This forced the artist to find new ways to gain exposure. Zaky Fire joins us from Mexico to talk about his career, the many challenges he has faced, we hear some of his music, and much more. Thank you to Eddie Juarez for organizing this interview.

Cada Domingo - Claudio Yarto - 01-31-21

Jan 31, 2021

With a musical career spanning over 30 years, Claudio Yarto, founding member of the Mexican group Caló joins us to talk about the group's return after the successful 90's Pop Tour, shares some of the changes he and his fellow musicians have made during the changes throughout the decades including the last year under a pandemic. Claudio also debuts 3 new songs in collaboration with other artists here on Cada Domingo!

Cada Domingo - Ivan Orellana - 01-03-2021

Jan 3, 2021

Ivan Orellana, singer/songwriter who participated in the 2019 Binational Conference for Mexican Artists in the United States joins us once again to talk about his launch of his YouTube channel, his carreer during the pandemic, and we hear his latest release. 

Ivan Orellana, Cantautor quien participó en la Jornada Binacionad de Artistas Mexicanos en Estados Unidos 2019 nos acompaña de nuevo para hablar del lanzamiento de su canal YouTube, su carrera durante la pandemia, y escuchamos su nueva canción.

Cada Domingo - Rube Peña & Julio - La Ronda Bogotá

Sep 13, 2020

Mexican group La Ronda Bogotá has made a worldwide impact with their music inspired by Colombian Cumbia. Early on Celso Piña, founder of La Ronda Bogotá decided to take his musical style in a different direction which led to an explosion in popularity. A year after the loss of Celso Piña, we chat with his brother and co-founder, Rube Piña and bandmember Julio about the future of the group, their impact on the world of Mexican music, and the ongoing recognition of the band's massive influence in the Mexican Cumbia genre.