Nell Larson

On This Green Earth, Mary Mason, a Forest Geneticist with the US Forest Service, comes on the show.

Mason discusses the issues that are facing the North American ash trees. The ash borer invasion that slipped into the US around the turn of the millennium, most likely on a container this, is now is 35 states and responsible for the deaths of hundreds of millions of trees.

Mason shares what is being done to save our ash trees.

On This Green Earth:

As we head into wildfire season, Chris and Nell discuss what we are facing. As of last week, all but eight of the 227 wildfires that have occurred so far this year have been human caused.  

Last year, Utah set a record for human-caused wildfires with 1,143. 

Coming on the show to discuss this with them is Kaitlynn Webb, the Statewide Prevention and Fire Communications Coordinator.

Webb will talk about these numbers, their trends, and the good possibility that we will set another record this year. 

On This Green Earth, Nell and Chris speak with Kimberly Flores, who is launching Utah’s first mobile refill shop.

This mobile shop delivers earth-friendly soaps, detergents, bath and body product refills, and other plastic-free products. 

Flores says, fulFILLed's mission is to simplify low-waste living by offering refillable and package-free products to those looking to lessen their impact on the environment. By making zero-waste alternatives accessible, she hopes more people will ditch single-use plastics and join the Reduce, Reuse, and Refill Revolution,

On This Green Earth, Nell and Chris talk with author and National Geographic magazine contributor, Doug Chadwick. 

Chadwick's new book is titled, Four-Fifths a Grizzly - A New Perspective on Nature that Just Might Save Us All. The book takes a close look at our place in the natural world from a scientific angle, with the underlying message that humans aren't that much different from other creatures. 

On This Green Earth, Nell and Chris welcome Wendy Fisher, Executive Director of Utah Open Lands.

Fisher discusses the Trying Times Conservation Easements and Federal Tax Law Seminar, a recent seminar which addressed conservation easements and the impact federal tax laws have on them.

2021 Declared "Year of the Shorebird"

May 18, 2021

On This Green Earth, Ella Sorensen, manager of the Gillmor Audubon Sanctuary, and Don Paul, a biologist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources join the show.

They come on to discuss Utah Governor Spencer Cox's declaration to make 2021 the “Year of the Shorebird”.

On This Green Earth Nell and Chris speak with Miami Herald journalist Jim Wyss.

On This Green Earth, Jeff Bousson, Climate Program Manager for Utah Clean Energy, joins Nell and Chris to discuss opportunities to address the climate as it continues to change. 

Bousson breaks down a year-long program Utah Clean Energy just wrapped, which involved local citizen input on energy use, efficiency and reduction.

On This Green Earth, Jordan Clayton, Data Collection Officer with Utah Snow Survey, joins the show to share the outcome of the Utah Water Supply Outlook Report for May. 

The lack of snow over the season has made a grim impact on our water supplies. Clayton says that ninety percent of our state is in an extreme drought situation and Lake Powell could even see a record low this year.

On This Green Earth, Recycle Utah Executive Director Carolyn Wawra comes on the show. 

Wawra gives us the lowdown regarding this year's Hazardous Waste Drop Off Day, which took place on April 24.

Each year, this event helps to ensure toxic waste items are disposed of properly. 

On This Green Earth, author Jon Dunn, talks about his new book: "The Glitter in the Green: In Search of Hummingbirds".

Dunn's book chronicles his tracking of various hummingbird species, and teaches us about their incredible biomechanics and interesting behaviors.



On This Green Earth, Nell and Chris speak with Dr. Mark Chynoweth, an assistant professor of Wildland Resources for Utah State University. Chynoweth specializes in carnivore ecology.

In Park City, predator sightings seem to be increasing. It isn’t uncommon to see coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions in residential areas. Chynoweth will address the human-wildlife conflict and how we can safely co-exist with these large predators.

On This Green Earth, Alaska-based journalist Yereth Rosen lights up the conversation with a discussion on Arctic lightning.

In a single decade, summer lightning tripled across the Arctic, a change directly attributed to rapid Arctic warming. Rosen recently wrote an article for Arctic Today about this trend. She will provide an overview of this important data.

On This Green Earth, joining Nell and Chris is Dr. Robert Davies, a professor of Physics at Utah State University.

Davies has published numerous works on the Earth’s climate system and continues to study critical science communication, principally focused on climate change and human sustainability. 

He'll be sharing the latest on climate change and what it means for mountain communities such as Park City. 


On This Green Earth: Secretary of the Interior, Deb Haaland visited Bears Ears and the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments last week. This is the first time a Native American will be in charge of shaping federal policies on public lands and waters.

Nell and Chris will be talking about this visit and the possibilities of expanding the reach of these two monuments with Bluff City Councilman Jim Sayers.