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The long-awaited Park City Arts and Culture District was the topic of Wednesday’s roundtable discussion with city government.


Park City purchased the five-acre parcel of land at the corner of Kearns Boulevard and Bonanza Drive back in 2017 and officials say despite complications due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, plans are on schedule.


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Park City Municipal and its partners on the forthcoming arts and culture district, the Sundance Institute and Kimball Art Center, still have a way to go before the district opens to the community and visitors. The city recently hired someone to help lead the way. 

Park City Municipal Corporation

The City selected Robb Woulfe to oversee aspects of the Arts and Culture District’s development, alongside the Kimball Art Center and Sundance Institute, the City’s partners on the project. Woulfe’s responsibilities include program design, governance, operations and more.

Park City Mayor Andy Beerman says Woulfe’s expertise in arts and culture will benefit Park City’s residents and visitors.

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The Park City Council on Thursday approved the use of a space on 1685 Bonanza Dr. for MuSE PC, a singer-songwriter collective. 

When musician Bill McGinnis heard about Park City’s proposed Arts and Culture District, he and other local music makers started brainstorming the role music should have in it.

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Since the announcement of Park City’s plan to create an arts and culture district in the Bonanza Park neighborhood in July 2017, residents have wondered what it will look like—and when it will be finished.

In the year since Park City announced they were creating the Arts and Cultural District to keep the Kimball Art Center and the Sundance Institute in town, just incremental progress has been made. The Kimball Art Center recently hired a new architect but there hasn’t been any movement from Sundance, yet. Melissa Allison has more:

Park City Municipal

Park City officials have announced their plans to create a dedicated Arts and Culture District in the Bonanza Park area. The word came at a media conference last week. The city was joined by representatives of the project's two anchor partners -- the Sundance Institute and the Kimball Arts Center. Rick Brough has more.

After spending $25 million to purchase Bonanza Flat, you'd think that Park City would be out of money to buy more property. But a new one-percent municipal lodging tax is being proposed to pay for another five acres in Bonanza Park on which the city hopes to create a new arts and culture district. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.

Park City announced today that it will purchase just over five acres in the Bonanza Park area for $19.5 million and will plan and develop an Arts and Culture District that will include new homes for the Kimball Arts Center and the Sundance Institute. KPCW's Leslie Thatcher has more.

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Park City Mayor Jack Thomas and City Council announced today the city will purchase just over 5 acres in the Bonanza Park area for $19.5 million.  The site will be home to the Park City Arts and Culture District that will include new homes for the Kimball Art Center and Sundance Institute. Leslie Thatcher has more.