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The candidate filing window for the November election closed on March 19. But to register as a write-in candidate, the deadline was Monday, Aug. 31 – and District 2 has a new challenger.


When the filing window closed, three sitting board members, Anne Peters from District 1, Board President Andrew Caplan, District 2 and Wendy Crossland, District 3 all filed to run for re-election. No other candidates filed for those seats at that time.


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The Park City Board of Education today will get a presentation on different financial alternatives to pay for the district’s masterplan projects – totaling nearly $122 million. 

There is no staff report or background analysis for today’s discussion, but the school board packet contains a 30-page power point presentation from bond consultants Gilmore Bell and Stifel whose representatives will explain that school districts only have two options when it comes to project financing.

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The Park City Board of Education abruptly terminated all salary negotiations earlier this month in anticipation of deep budget cuts to state education funding. However, the Utah legislature met in a special session last week and preserved a 1.8% increase to school funding.

Park City School District

Due to the economic downturn as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, the Park City Board of Education has alerted the school district staff that there will be no salary increases this year and the on-going contract negotiations with teachers have been suspended.

An email to Park City school district staff was emailed June 9th.  The letter, signed by the Superintendent of Schools Jill Gildea and School Board President Andrew Caplan, explains the board’s decision. By forgoing salary raises, they wrote, they will avert many layoffs that would otherwise be necessary.

Today on The Local News Hour :

(00:37 ) Charlie Sturgis has this week's Mountain Trails Report

(02:18 ) Summit County Sheriff Justin Martinez talks about the steps his departmenet has taken to be anti-racist and ensure that no charges of police brutality are leveled at at his department.

( 16:01) Youth Sports Alliance Executive Director Emily Fisher discusses the decision to cancel their biggest fundraiser, Jans Winter Welcome, in 2020.

( 21:41) Park City Mayor Andy Beerman has a recap of last night's  city council meeting.

Summit County Council Member Glenn Wright has a recap from yesterday’s meeting dealing with more budget cuts. Park City School District Business Administrator Todd Hauber talks about the district's budget as the state legislature contemplates reworking education funding and the owner of Park City Lodging and a member of the Park City Lodging Association Rhonda Sideris has an update on how hard hit the industry has been and what the plans are to begin to re-open nightly rentals.



The Board of Education launched a master planning process in the fall of 2018 to determine what the future of education should be in Park City. Community input has guided the process and as of last week, the architects unveiled detailed plans to the school board.

After 18 months of stakeholder meetings, MHTN Architects was hired in January to take the master plan to the next level by showing what campuses and learning centers would look like under these new guidelines.

Park City Board of Education

The Park City Board of Education meeting on March 17, 2020 has been rescheduled:

The Park City Board of Education will meet on Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

The meeting will take place at Park City School District Office - 2700 Kearns Blvd. - Park City

Park City Board of Education Member Erin Grady and Superintendent Jill Gildea recap some of the issues discussed at yesterday’s school board meeting. Park City Manager Matt Dias has a preview of the agenda forThursday's city council meeting and Emmy Award Winning Cinematographer Bob Poole talks about his Nat Geo Live presentation this Saturday at the Park City Eccles Center. 


The Park City School Board of Education gave the thumbs up to district administration to hire a bond architectural firm and begin the work of putting price tags on recently approved master planning programs.

Five bond architects responded to Park City School District’s request for proposal. A committee has been selected to choose one firm by the first of the year. Once identified, they will provide detailed costs for each of the initiatives that have come out of the year-long master planning effort.


The Park City School District resumes the master planning efforts they started last fall. The Board recently presented the Park City Council with an update and they are planning a couple of town hall style meetings.

Park City Board of Education President Andrew Caplan says they’ve identified three big decisions the board is facing. One is whether to pursue universal Pre-K for every child. Research shows it is an important component for future academic success and the community, Caplan says has shown initial support.


The Park City Board of Education discussed the four grade alignment options during the work session on Tuesday. Having the master planning survey results and the preliminary estimates showing a range of project costs helped them to eliminate two of the four options from consideration.

The Park City Board of Education will hold a swearing in for the new district 3 school board member in the next board meeting later this month. KPCW had a chance to meet with Wendy Crossland and talk about her background and hopes for the school district.

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Park City Board of Education member Petra Butler is resigning from the Park City School District Board of Education. Park City School Board President Andrew Caplan made the announcement at this morning’s (Tuesday’s) school board meeting.

Park City School District

Students in the  Park City School District will get to help open the ski season as they’re off for three days this week starting on Wednesday – when Park City Mountain plans to open for the season. Meanwhile the Board of Education will be meeting Tuesday morning, where it's recommended to close all but one school next year to out of district students. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.