Park City Community Foundation

Several local non-profits have been working, under the umbrella of the Park City Community Foundation, to help vulnerable residents impacted by COVID-19.

And although the needs of their clients are different, one major item impacting everybody is housing.

The Community Foundation hosted an electronic meeting last week, before Summit County passed a revised Health Order that lifted the Stay At Home directive.

Summit County Council Member Roger Armstrong has a recap of yesterdays’ meeting, where the council discussed the new health order on re-opening business. Former Park City Manager Diane Foster talks about her new role as the Assistant City Manager of Aspen, Colorado, and Photographer Matt Davis talks about his Front Steps Project - which has raised more than $11,000 for the Park City Community Foundation.

Summit County Health Director Rich Bullough talks about what they’re watching for as the county begins to consider what businesses might be able to reopen.

Non-profits in the Park City area are caught in a dilemma by the COVID-19 outbreak.    The needs they’re serving may well be increasing, but their ability to raise funds has been undermined.

One sign of hope, according to the Park City Community Foundation, is that the recently-approved federal stimulus can help out non-profits as well as small business.   

Katie Wright, Executive Director of the Community Foundation, said that philanthropists around Park City don’t have the resources to help out all the non-profits that need assistance.   

KPCW General Manager Renai Miller and Reporters David Boyle and Emily Means talk about how KPCW has had to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and instituted remote work spaces and limiting the number of staff and volunteers who typically access the KPCW studios. Park City Community Foundation Director Katie Wright has an update about the benefits nonprofit organizations can receive by applying for benefits from the stimulus bill.

The Park City Community Foundation has created a Community Response Fund to accept donations and rapidly deploy resources to Summit County-based organizations which serve the needs of the community especially hard hit during this coronavirus outbreak. For details on the responses of organiztions and to respond, go to:  


In response to the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic is having on mountain resort communities, Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz and his wife Elena Amsterdam are donating $2.5 million to employees and the towns where Vail operates. The Park City Community Foundation will receive $200,000 which will provide emergency assistance to those most in need.

In a special Monday noon broadcast, KPCW News Director Leslie Thatcher gets an update on the COVID-19 public health emergency from Summit County Health Director Rich Bullough.  Then she talks to Beth Armstrong, Executive Director of the People's Health Clinic, Rob Harter, Executive Director at Christian Center of Park City, and Katie Wright, Executive Director of Park City Community Foundation about how their organizations are helping the community and what citizens can do to help.


The Park City Climate Fund was created following the Mountain Towns 2030 climate summit in October 2019, where dozens of representatives from government, businesses and nonprofits met to discuss solutions to the impacts of climate change. Ollie Wilder, community impact director at the Park City Community Foundation, says the foundation wanted to support organizations searching for answers.

Park City Community Foundation Community Impact Director Ollie Wilder talks about the Climate Fund grantees that were just announced as well as his upcoming retirement. Park City resident Ginger Tolman and Chelsie Richter a local professional chef/artist  talk about their creation, A Piece of Me and Protect Our Winters (POW) Development and Operators Director Torrey Udall has details about the POW fundraiser Thursday at Skullcandy. 

Cada Domingo - Juliana Duran

Feb 2, 2020

Park City Community Foundation is looking for a new Event Manager. We chat with Juliana Duran, Development & Communications Specialists with Park City Community Foundation about the position, requirements, salary, and get a brief history of the non-profit organization based in Park City.

The Park City Community Foundation helped raise $2.4 Million in one day.

The $2,464,717 raised on Friday, November 8th came from 5,102 donors. Park City Foundation Community Impact Director Ollie Wilder said many of those donors gave to more than one nonprofit.

PC Community Foundation

The Park City Community Foundation launches their ninth annual Live PC Give PC, annual day of giving, on November 8th at midnight. It lasts 24 hours with 117 non-profits participating this year.

Community Foundation Impact Director Ollie Wilder says there are some new organizations that they’ve brought on this year. Donations are done electronically done on their website,

The Park City Community Foundation announced a new program to support innovative ideas for combating climate change. 

Summit County

The Summit County Council got a presentation Wednesday from the Park City Community Foundation on their Social Equity Data Report.

The presentation prompted a couple of brief discussions, about such controversies as affordable housing and income equity for the city’s workers.

As we’ve reported, the plan prioritizes three areas within social equity—education, with a focus on early childhood; inclusion; and affordable housing.