Park City Police Department

Park City Police Department

A moose was hit by a driver and later put down in Park City Saturday night.

The Park City Police Department responded to a call Saturday around 11 p.m. regarding a moose that was hit by a car on Kearns Boulevard and Comstock Drive.

The injured animal staggered into a nearby backyard in the Prospector neighborhood. Responding officers called the Division of Natural Resources to see if they could treat the animal, but ultimately the moose had to be put down. 

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After a cold winter season in Park City, locals can finally begin to enjoy the warmer Spring weather. But people aren’t the only ones out and about during Spring. 

Over the past couple weeks there have been a number of wildlife sightings in Park City. 

The Park City Police Department has gotten calls about mother moose and their calves in roadways and elk trying to cross the road. Last Wednesday, the department got two calls in the morning and evening about large groups of elk trying to get across traffic on S.R. 224.

Park City Police Department

There were a number of snow-related accidents in Park City last week.

In one of the accidents, a car slid into a snow plow. The incident happened Thursday morning at 8, on Solamere Drive and Deer Valley. 

While airbags were deployed and the reporting party couldn’t drive their vehicle away, no one was injured. 

There was another accident that evening involving four vehicles on Empire Avenue. 

Park City Municipal Government

If you’ve ever lost anything around town, there’s generally two places you check...KPCW’s Lost and Found or the Park City Police Department. At the end of this month, the police department will be disposing unclaimed property.




Once or twice a year, the police department donates or throws away all of the items they’ve accumulated. The department has a property and evidence room that can function as a lost and found but also houses things like police evidence as well as seized property.

Cada Domingo - Officer Franco Libertini - 02-28-21

Feb 28, 2021

Officer Franco Libertini with the Park City Police Department joins us to discuss some of the programs that are offered to the public through the PCPD including the course to aid non-english speakers to obtain a drivers license in collaboration with the Summit County Library, the Explorer Cadets program and others, and the importance of addressing the public's opinion of the police in general.

Park City Police Department

Park City Police Captain Andrew Leatham will retire later this month after over 27 years in law enforcement. KPCW’s Sean Higgins has more on Leatham’s career that started in Park City, took him abroad, and ended right back where it all began.


A Park City native, Captain Andrew Leatham was no stranger to cops as a kid. His dad was one of three full-time Park City police officers in the 1970s. He says from the beginning, he pretty much knew what he wanted his career to be.


Park City Police Department

The Park City Police Department is looking for information on surveillance footage of a group of people they suspect are running a credit card fraud ring in the city. 



The police department thinks the suspects are renting hotel rooms with stolen credit cards. And while they stay at hotels, the group will break into cars and steal more credit cards and ids to use at hotels, restaurants and on retail. 

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Officers only pulled over one person for distracted driving during their 6 dedicated shifts from October 5-10. But during those shifts they found 59 other driving violations. 

Phil Kirk with the Park City Police Department said since the enforcement took place there have been no reported pedestrian or cycling accidents. 

“Since then, we haven't really seen any distracted driving caused accidents,” Kirk said. “So I guess, the enforcement there we're working on seems to have helped.”

The Park City Police Department is trying to put an end to distracted driving. That's why this Thursday to Monday they’re teaming up with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to look out for people texting and driving.  



Phil Kirk with the police department said they’re always on the lookout for distracted drivers, but during the four days they’ll have officers specifically designated to make sure drivers aren’t using their phones.

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  In the past month, there have been two moose hit by cars in Park City. 

Despite the recent incidents, it’s not common for cars to hit moose, according to Phil Kirk with the Park City Police Department. But he said these sorts of accidents do happen from time to time. 

“We do see those types of accidents here on 224 or 248,” Kirk said. “It's more likely that they hit deer.” 

He said because moose are so large, they can cause damage and can injure the motorist. 

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The Park City Police Department, like many law enforcement agencies around the country, is feeling the impacts of George Floyd’s death which resulted from an interaction with the Minneapolis Police force.

Chief Carpenter says the George Floyd episode is difficult and they and many other police forces are working to reestablish trust with their communities.

On Thursday, Park City Police reported a death in a condominium complex near Park City Mountain. On Wednesday, a Park City man was rescued from a fall while climbing in Big Cottonwood Canyon, but he succumbed to injuries while in route to the hospital.

A 22-year-old male visiting from Austin, Texas was found dead in a unit in the Edelweiss House located at 1482 Empire Avenue Thursday at 11:07 A.M. A friend had gone to the victim’s apartment and found the man deceased. The Police Report says there was no sign the death was related to COVID-19.


A pedestrian was struck by an automobile while using a cross walk on Saddle View Way just off SR 224. The accident happened Friday night at 9:30 PM.

Colorado Man Hit In PCMR Lot While Saving Parking Space

Jan 23, 2020


A Colorado man was hit by a car in the Park City Mountain Resort parking lot on Sunday. On Monday night five vehicles were burglarized overnight on the 2700 block of Upper Iron Horse Drive.

A person was trying to save a parking spot for his friend a little before noon on Sunday. A Heber woman says she tried to get him to move and he wouldn’t and so she proceeded into the parking space. According to Park City Police Captain Phil Kirk the man claimed he had some minor pain, but he refused medical services.


A Park City Police Officer has been discovered, again, doing a kind gesture to help a person who was stranded at the Top Stop on SR 224.

Senior Patrol Officer Mike Carrillo responded to a citizen assist call to help a woman at the Park City Top Stop. Officer Carrillo arrived to find the woman was with her children in the car. She thought she had enough gas to make it from Ogden to Park City and back again. She miscalculated how much heat she would need for the trip and found herself without gas or money. She had come down for services at the Christian Center.