Richardson Flat


Opposing attorneys for Summit County and the town of Hideout made oral arguments before a Fourth District Judge Monday. 


The hearing could determine the fate of Summit County’s lawsuit, asking the judge to strike down the Wasatch County town’s annexation into the Richardson Flat area near Park City last October.



Ballots for the June 22 Hideout annexation referendum are being mailed to registered voters now.

The vote is set to settle a controversial issue: whether the small Wasatch County town will annex a large plot of land in Summit County east of Park City.


Residents of Hideout who are unsure if they are registered to vote or if their voter registration is current can verify their registration status, update their address, or register to vote online at the state of Utah's website.


Park City Municipal

A judge in Summit County’s Third District Court has ruled in favor of Park City in a dispute with developer Nate Brockbank.


Following oral arguments last week, Judge Richard Mrazik ruled that while Brockbank and his business entities purchased properties in the Richardson Flat area, with the intent to develop, Park City holds legal constraints on the land, including a conservation easement, that limit its recreational use.


Hideout Town

In a new motion filed last weekend, Summit County asked Heber’s Fourth District Court to strike down the Wasatch County town of Hideout’s annexation into Summit.


The annexation is scheduled to go to a Hideout citizen’s referendum on June 22.


Summit County is asking a Fourth District judge to hold an expedited hearing before the vote, and to rule that Hideout’s annexation is invalid.


On Thursday night, the Hideout Town Council took another step toward preparing for a June 22 referendum on the town’s proposed annexation of 350 acres that extends into Summit County.


The council of the Wasatch County town authorized Mayor Phil Rubin to launch agreements that will have four different consulting firms study a segment of the proposed development on the acreage.


The Hideout Town Council will hear public comment about their intent to annex land in Summit County for the first time Monday night. 


Hideout has been trying to annex a parcel of land in Summit County through a state law that was approved in March, and a portion of it was later repealed. The repeal, however, doesn’t take effect until October 19, which gave Hideout 60 days to get the annexation through. 

The attorney representing developer Nate Brockbank, Bruce Baird, is claiming Summit County is opposed to any development in the Richardson Flat area east of Park City because the county has commercial development plans of their own along Highway 40. Summit County says no such plans exist.


Google Maps

The defendants in Summit County’s lawsuit against the developers hoping to build in Richardson Flat accepted the terms of the county’s preliminary injunction on Tuesday.


Park City Municipal

The Hideout Town Council voted to try again at annexing land in Summit County at their meeting on Thursday night. Park City Mayor Andy Beerman told KPCW the city has concerns over what the future holds for Richardson Flat.


Park City Municipal sent a strongly-worded memo to the town of Hideout on September 8th detailing the city’s claim to parcels of land originally in Hideout’s annexation plans for Richardson Flat.


Hideout Utah

The Hideout Town Council will be meeting again on Thursday to further discuss the future of a possible annexation of land into Summit County as well as a few other items on their agenda.


Thursday's meeting in Hideout is not a special session of the town council like the previous several meetings have been. The last regular council meeting in Hideout was on August 13th.


Although the Richardson Flat annexation is an item up for discussion on Thursday, several other issues are on the agenda.


Summit County was granted a temporary restraining order against developers Nate Brockbank and Josh Romney on Wednesday. The developers are hoping to build a commercial development on the Richardson Flat land East of Park City. 


The ruling by Utah 3rd District Court Judge Richard Mrazik prevents Brockbank, Romney, and their associates from temporarily moving forward with any development plans regarding disputed parcels of land in the Richardson Flat area of Summit County. 


Hideout Town

Summit County and the town of Hideout are at odds once again, this time over an alleged settlement agreement regarding Hideout’s attempt to annex Richardson Flat. 


Summit County sued Hideout on July 31st over the town’s vote to annex the Richardson Flat land East of Park City. Both Summit County and Hideout have confirmed to KPCW that settlement negotiations began shortly after the initial August 10th hearing in Utah’s 4th District Court.


Hideout Town

The Town of Hideout will be holding a town council meeting at 6:30 Friday evening to discuss Thursday’s ruling by Utah’s 4th district Court over the town’s attempted annexation of 655 acres of land in Richardson Flat. The town will be examining their future options.


Town of Hideout

A ruling on the Summit County vs. Town of Hideout lawsuit was handed down Thursday afternoon in Utah’s 4th District Court.


Summit County has been granted a preliminary injunction as it relates to Hideout’s July 9th effort to annex 655 acres of land in Summit County. Judge Jennifer A Brown said this was a “short but prolific case” due to the sheer number of documents filed with the court as evidence over the past month. 


Two lawsuits related to the town of Hideout’s controversial attempt to annex the Richardson Flat Land East of Park City are scheduled to be heard in Utah courts in the coming days.


Summit County has filed two lawsuits related to the attempted annexation of 655 acres of land in the county in an effort to prevent it from becoming a large commercial development area.