Snyderville Basin Planning Commission

Today on the Local News Hour

(09:52) Summit County Council Member Roger Armstrong with an update from Wednesday's meeting.

(24:37) Assistant Park City Manager Dave Everitt has an update on the Arts and Culture District.

(40:49) Vice Chairman of the Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioner, Thomas Cooke has an update from Tuesday’s meeting discussing the propposed Colby School Bed and Breakfast.

On today’s program, Summit County Council Member Glenn Wright has a recap of yesterday’s meeting. Snyderville  Basin Planning Commission Chairwoman Malena Stevens has an update on Tuesday’s meeting. Ballet West Artistic Director Adam Sklute discusses the opening of the ballet Song of the Nightingale and confronting the issues of racial stereotyping in a 94-year-old ballet and  Park City Institute Director Teri Orr and Board Member Rachel Alday announce the upcoming Main Stage season, as well as news this is Orr’s final season with the Institute.