Snyderville Planning Commission

Snyderville Basin Planning Commission

The Snyderville Planning Commission had a short work schedule Tuesday night.

They approved Conditional Use Permits for two projects—one dealing with recreation, the other with electric power.   

The Planning Commission gave an approval to the Snyderville Recreation District for a Community Park along Trailside Drive.    It would take up about 10 acres across the road from the existing Trailside Park.

During a public hearing, local resident Leslie Masters said there’s already parking problems on that road.       

A ruling from Third District Court Friday came down in favor of the owners of the Colby School and their proposal for a bed and breakfast inn.

The decision from Judge Teresa Welch overruled Summit County’s decision to deny a conditional use permit to Hoffvest, the owner of the Colby property. 

The ruling sends the application back to the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission.


Judge Welch declared that the county’s denial was arbitrary, capricious and illegal.

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The proposed Highland Flats development is heading to the Summit County Council—but with a negative recommendation from the Snyderville Planning Commission.


In response to the planning commission’s vote, the developers for the project issued a statement reacting both to the vote and to criticism from neighborhood residents.


The Highland Flats proposal comprises 410 rental units on 41 acres located between the northeast edge of Highland Estates and Silver Creek Junction off U.S. 40 and Interstate 80.

The Snyderville Planning Commission on March 9 approved a Conditional Use Permit for a group home in Highland Estates—after hearing voices that praised the facility, and others that worried about its impacts.


Snyderville Chairman Ryan Dickey says they came to a decision, guided by federal law, and they set up a list of conditions to mitigate the operation.


During their meeting on Tuesday, the Snyderville Planning Commission looked at two projects in lower Silver Creek. 


For one of them, the Planning Commission sent a negative recommendation to County Council for the second time in recent months.


During a non-voting work session, the Snyderville Commission was introduced to a proposal from Anaya’s Market, which is moving from Park City’s Bonanza area to a site in lower Silver Creek northeast of the Bell’s gas station.


The Snyderville Planning Commission on Tuesday night voted to grant a conditional use permit for a group home in Highland Estates intended to help teenage girls facing mental health and emotional issues in their lives.


The commission hammered out the decision at the last minute, given that the applicant was up against a deadline of her own.


A development request from the Colony Homeowners Association is headed to the Summit County Council. But it’s going there with a negative recommendation from the Snyderville Planning Commission.


Snyderville Chairman Ryan Dickey said his group had mixed feelings about the proposal.


The proposal calls for using ten parcels in The Colony, near the Canyons Village of Park City Mountain Resort, for employee housing, a maintenance facility, and an HOA lodge with recreational amenities. 


The Snyderville Planning Commission’s regular session on Tuesday is the first in a series of work meetings to hammer out a number of issues in the Snyderville General Plan and its Development Code.

County Development Director Pat Putt says the work program, running out to next summer, will be very ambitious.   In fact, he calls it “a moon shot.”  

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On October 7th, the Summit County Council held one of its periodic joint sessions with the Snyderville Planning Commission.     Both groups are trying to put their fingers on global issues to address in the Basin.

County Council Member Roger Armstrong told KPCW that one nagging issue involves accessory buildings.    In the Silver Creek area, large accessory structures have drawn criticism.   In neighborhoods like Old Ranch Road, there’s flak because some parcels are loaded with small buildings.      

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In case you missed it here is the Summit County Council debate heard live on KPCW June 11, 2020.

There is one open seat for Summit County Council this year.   Council member Kim Carson is not running for re-election.

No republican candidate filed to run, which means the winner of the June primary race between two democratic candidates will be the likely overall winner in November.

Snyderville Basin Planning Commission

At their May 26th meeting, the Snyderville Planning Commissioners were introduced to a proposed amendment for the Colony Development up White Pine Canyon Road.

Snyderville Chairman Ryan Dickey says the additional uses aren’t necessarily objectionable.   But the proposal has to jump over hurdles presented by the Snyderville Code and the original Canyons Resort approval.  

The applicants are the Colony’s developer and its HOA, who want to add density for non-residential development, up to a maximum of 135,000 square feet.