Snyderville Planning Commission

Today on the Local News Hour:

(09:38 ) - Park City Chamber Bureau CEO Bill Malone has an update on the legislature's speical session last week and what that means for the tourism marketing fund for the coming winter and this summer.

(26:43) - Snyderville Planning Commission Chair Ryan Dickey has a recap from Tuesday's marathon 7-hour meeting.with a re-cap of this week's meeting.

(37:33) - Wasatch County Council Heber South Seat Incumbent Kendall Crittenden talks ahead of the Republican Primary Elections on Tuesday.

In case you missed it here is the Summit County Council debate heard live on KPCW June 11, 2020.

There is one open seat for Summit County Council this year.   Council member Kim Carson is not running for re-election.

No republican candidate filed to run, which means the winner of the June primary race between two democratic candidates will be the likely overall winner in November.

At their May 26th meeting, the Snyderville Planning Commissioners were introduced to a proposed amendment for the Colony Development up White Pine Canyon Road.

Snyderville Chairman Ryan Dickey says the additional uses aren’t necessarily objectionable.   But the proposal has to jump over hurdles presented by the Snyderville Code and the original Canyons Resort approval.  

The applicants are the Colony’s developer and its HOA, who want to add density for non-residential development, up to a maximum of 135,000 square feet.

The Snyderville Planning Commission has not made a decision yet on the latest proposal to redevelop the Colby School site.    They’re seeking further information in the coming weeks.

However, the Planning Commission, at their last meeting, did cast a vote to approve the expansion of the Mountain Life Church in Silver Creek.

About two years ago, the Summit County council turned down, on appeal, a proposal to redevelop the Colby site with a hotel, restaurant, fitness areas and other uses.

The Mountain Life Church in Silver Creek is going to a public hearing before the Snyderville Planning Commission Tuesday night, with a proposal to expand the church and its parking lot.

The application comes shortly after the Summit County Council decided on a public road connection that goes along that property.    But County Development Director Pat Putt says that the Council’s decision and the Church’s proposal are separate issues.   

The Snyderville Commisison meets at 4:30 on February 11th at the Richins Services Building.

There’s no easy solution to providing affordable housing, according to Snyderville Planning Commisisoners Canice Harte and Thomas Cooke.

But they say all the stakeholders around the Basin are focused on the issue.  

As we’ve reported, local governments were required to submit a Moderate Income Housing Plan to the state by December 1st.    A plan prepared by Summit County’s Economic Development Department, was recommended last month by the Snyderville Commisison, and approved by the County Council.

Summit County

The most recent meeting of the Snyderville Planning Commission dealt with two big projects, on different sides of the Basin.   

The Snyderville Commission held another work session Tuesday on the proposal from Dakota Pacific to revamp the Summit Research Park property at Kimball Junction.    Developers reviewed the major sectors in their Master Plan—such as Commercial, Civic, Residential and a Hotel site—looking at densities, square footage and heights.

Summit County

Among the items for the Snyderville Planning Commission this week, the panel made decisions about two different parcels in the Canyons Resort area.

The Snyderville Commission approved a lot-line adjustment for a parcel in the Colony—the kind of routine item that often comes to the group.

In this case, though, the request involved protecting a lot from an avalanche hazard. The Chairwoman for the Planning Commission, Malena Stevens, explained.

Summit County

The Snyderville Planning Commission is considering changes to their planning code, which could significantly increase their regulations on accessory buildings. After a discussion this week, the Planning Commission will be going soon to a public hearing. 

The Chairwoman for the Snyderville Commission, Malena Stevens, said they’ve had several applications in recent years for accessory buildings whose size and scale could affect the character of their neighborhoods.

She said they want to take a global and proactive approach to the issue.

Summit County

Members of the Snyderville Planning Commission have a couple of meetings on their agenda this week, including a session with the county council.

The Snyderville Commisison, meeting on Tuesday, 4:30 pm at the Richins Services Building, only has one item.

County Development Director Pat Putt said they’re discussing how to tweak the planning code on appeals, whether they are made against staff decisions or the Planning Commisison’s. He said the idea is to give everybody a better idea of what to expect.

Summit County

The Snyderville Planning Commission, meeting last Tuesday, came to a decision fairly quickly on a major project at the Canyons Resort.

Another project, though, was harder to reach a decision about, and the Planning Commissioners have asked for more information.

The Planning Commission had a lengthy discussion on the Weight Subdivision Plat. The applicant is asking to remove a plat note that forbids the project from having primary access on Red Pine Road.

Summit County

Summit County’s planning staff and the Snyderville Planning Commission have been considering a new Mixed-Use zone in the Basin for nearly two years.

Snyderville Commissioner Thomas Cooke says that, following their last meeting, the staff has been directed to keep researching details on a possible zone.

We asked Cooke Why it’s important to develop a Mixed-Use zone. Why couldn’t the same purpose be achieved by, for instance, the current Community Commercial zone?

Summit County

The Snyderville Planning Commission Tuesday night waded into a discussion about a development parcel at the Canyons Resort asking for a plat amendment.

In the end, the planning panel did not come to a decision.

The application came from developers for the Weight Townhouse Subdivision. They’re asking to amend the Plat, so that their primary access can come off Red Pine Road.

But in a public hearing, neighbors objected, talking about the impacts on them and on the road.

Summit County

The Snyderville Planning Commission takes up just a few items in their regular meeting on Tuesday. Primarily, a proposed mixed-use development on Bitner Road goes back to the Planning Commission, following some approvals from the County Council.

The Planning Commission meets starting at 4:30 pm at the Richins Services Building.

They will be looking again at Lincoln Station, a mixed-use project proposed for a four-acre parcel near the Bitner fire station.

The Snyderville Commission gave it a set of recommendations and approvals last May.

Summit County

Summit County’s long-time Historian, Navee Vernon, just retired.

Development Director, Pat Putt, meanwhile, says they’re just starting with a new ordinance to preserve historic buildings—a process that, hopefully, he says, will be predictable.

During his regular report to KPCW, Putt said there are likely hundreds of old buildings on the East Side of the county and the Snyderville Basin.

He said there are about 25 that have some official designations as Historic.