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The Summit County Council on Feb. 17 received a review of the Snyderville trail system.   Council Member Chris Robinson said he’s gratified that the Basin Recreation District has done a good job, overseeing a region straining with a lot of visitors from inside Summit County and outside.   

The County Council was concerned last year, in particular about visitors parking around hot-spot areas like Rob’s Trail in Sun Peak, and in Summit Park.   

Robinson told KPCW that he is glad to see the District actually doing something.     

Basin Rec

Meet Dana Jones, the Basin Recreation District’s new director, who has now been on the job for several weeks. 

Jones came from California, where she spent most of her 28-year career working for the state’s parks department.

Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District

The Snyderville Recreation District has announced that their new Director is a veteran of nearly 30 years with state parks in California.   

The Summit County Council on Wednesday approved the employment contract for Dana Jones, who was chosen by the Recreation Board after a nation-wide search.    She will officially join Basin Recreation on December 14th.

The Snyderville Recreation District is updating its Strategic Action Plan for the first time in seven years.

The District is presenting the plan, and taking input, at a virtual meeting this Thursday.

Recreation District Director Brian Hanton said that the Zoom meeting is on Thursday the 18th, from 6 to 8 p.m.   To find out how to access the session, go to the District’s website and link to the Events tab.

He said the last time they formulated the Action Plan was in 2013.     

The director of the Snyderville Recreation District says he understands the concerns from the residents who criticized this year’s property tax increase.

The tax hike has been approved by the Summit County Council, but Brian Hanton noted it doesn’t take effect until this summer.  

The District budget, approved earlier this month, includes a 72 percent property tax increase—though when it is factored in with debt service the District pays, the net tax hike would be 29 percent.

The Snyderville Recreation District budget for 2020, with its planned tax increase, brought out criticism from some locals about the District’s level of spending.

It also brought out discussion about how the District should serve its users—and how the users should pay for what the District provides.       

As we reported, the District proposed a 72 percent tax increase for O and M.   With the District’s  debt service payments factored in, it’s a 29 percent increase.

Summit County

The Summit County Council, meeting on Wednesday, approved the budget for the Sndyerville Recreation District.  

But before the vote,  one of the Council members voiced a concern.   And two more Basin residents spoke out in a public hearing to complain about their increasing taxes.

The Recreation District budget includes a tax increase that would raise $2.4 million a year.   District officials said it’s needed, in large part, to repair and maintain infrastructure and trails they’ve developed in the past 15 years.

Summit County

A proposed property tax increase from the Snyderville Recreation District brought out a roomful of people before the Summit County Council Wednesday night.

The Council did not make a decision, and said they will take more input next week, after they heard opposition from the audience of 60 to 70 people.

Representatives of the Recreation District have pointed out they haven’t had a property tax hike for 15 years and they contend the  increase is needed to maintain, repair and replace the amenities they’ve developed, such as trails, playgrounds, turf and track.

The Snyderville Recreation District is going to a  public hearing soon on a proposed tax increase that will raise just under $2.4 million a year.

District Director Brian Hanton  says they haven’t had a tax increase for about 15 years.

The District’s Truth in Taxation hearing is set for December 4th, at 6 p.m. at the Richins Services Building—part of the County Council’s agenda.

Hanton said that the tax rate would amount to $12.83 annually, per $100,000 assessed value of a residence.

The Snyderville Recreation District is preparing to celebrate Halloweeen on the run.      District Director Brian Hanton had  details on this weekend’s event, and other goings-on at the District.   

This Saturday, the District is hosting the “Celebrate the Spirits Trick or Treat Run.”    Hanton said proceeds from the event go to benefit their Scholarship Fund.

The Snyderville Recreation District will bring their proposed tax increase to a public hearing in early December.     District Director Brian Hanton had details during his recent visit to KPCW.

The District is asking for a 72 percent tax increase, and while Hanton agreed that seems like a lot, he said they haven’t  had a tax hike since 2004.    And  they’ve developed a lot of infrastructure in  15 years.

The district has created two community parks; they’ve gone from 66 acres of open space to over 2200; and he said 84 percent of their amenities  don’t generate revenue.

Seth Horowitz / SBRD

The popular Rob’s Trail above Sun Peak in the Basin will be closed again this winter. Vandalism on the Pickle Ball Courts has staff urging users to play nice and the results of a community recreation survey are being compiled and will be presented to the board later this month.

Last winter, Vail closed a section of Rob’s Trail due to concerns with avalanche safety. Snyderville Basin Recreation Director, Brian Hanton says finding an alternative access is complicated and he’s not sure it can be done this year.

Caitlin Willard

In a statement issued Wednesday, the Summit County Council says they have offered $4 million to help fund the preservation of the 158-acre Osguthorpe farm along Old Ranch Road. But that contribution is hamstrung right now, as the Osguthorpe family and the Summit Land Conservancy don't agree with the county's conditions for putting up the money. Rick Brough has more.

The Snyderville Recreations District has a busy calendar, including the first public hearing, set for this Wednesday, on the District's proposed $25 million bond for the November ballot. Rick Brough has more.


The Summit County Council and the Snyderville Recreation District are scheduling meetings this summer that could pace the way for a new bond proposal on this fall's ballot - asking $25,000,000 for open space and recreation projects. Rick Brough has more.