SR 224

Traffic came to a standstill in Park City on during Thursday’s workday when a company ruptured a gas line along SR 224.

Gas Line Rupture On SR 224 Shuts Down Traffic

Dec 12, 2019

Traffic came to a standstill in Park City on during Thursday’s workday when a construction company ruptured a gas line along SR 224. The rupture took place at the White Barn across from the McPolin Farm. The Park City Fire District closed 224 in both directions for several hours in the late morning to early afternoon as they repaired the line.

No one was hurt and no evacuations were given. 

Utah Highway Patrol

A European man was hit by a Park City Transit bus traveling in the shoulder lane this weekend. 

The accident occurred on Sunday around 10:30 am. Corporal Colton Freckleton of the Utah Highway Patrol says the 21-year-old man from Montenegro was walking southbound on 224 towards Park City near mile marker nine close to the Canyons Resort drive.

Utah Open Lands

Mountain roads connecting Park City, Midway and Big Cottonwood Canyon are now all open.

After an impressive snow season both Empire and Guardsman Pass are open for the season.

State Route 224 connects Midway to Park City, while State Route 190 connects Big Cottonwood Canyon to both Park City and Midway.

The roads typically close for the season with snow fall, either in late fall or early winter.

As of Wednesday, Mirror Lake Highway in eastern Summit County from Mile Post 14 to Mile Post 48 remains closed.

Summit County

The Kimball Junction Planning Committee that has met for more than a year is ready to share their findings with the public. The meeting is planned for February 12th. Carolyn Murray has this:

The Kimball Junction Blue-Ribbon Committee is made up of a variety of stakeholders. Pete Gilwald is the owner of Land Solutions Planning and Design. They looked at the two halves of Kimball Junction including the development on both sides of SR 224. The group started by identifying the traffic, pedestrian, residential and commercial elements that work and don’t work in the neighborhood.

New road construction is underway in Park City.  David Boyle has more:

As temperatures have increased so has the number of wildlife incidents near roadways. David Boyle has more:


If you were trying to get out of town on State Road 224 Thursday evening, or into town on 224 Friday morning, you were probably frustrated by flashing traffic lights and four-way stops at major intersections.  Carolyn Murray has the story:


Road repairs took longer than expected Wednesday night, causing an evening rush hour backup on 224.   KPCW's Renai Bodley has the story:

On Wednesday, February 8, 2017, UDOT warned drivers about pothole repairs on SR 224 near the McPolin Barn.  KPCW's Renai Bodley has the story: