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People loading up thanksgiving day plate of food. In the center is someone using prongs to pick up some turkey to place on their plate
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Summit County Health Department is advising residents how to avoid getting ill this Thanksgiving.

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The Summit County Council is being asked if they want to go to the public next year with a possible “health tax levy.”

The  idea was mentioned, among many other topics and goals, as the Council and  staff held  their annual Retreat Tuesday in Salt Lake.

County Health Director Rich Bullough said the proposal isn’t part of the budget being discussed now for 2020.    And he said the County Council hasn’t made a decision.

He said there is an option under state law to fund public health through a property tax levy.        

The Utah Department of Health will host public hearings on its next round of Medicaid waiver requests to the federal government. 

Summit County Health Department

The Summit County Board of Health voted in September to restrict the number of shops that sell tobacco products, based on population. Summit County Health Department Director Rich Bullough says the policy was particularly meant to address young people’s use of e-cigarettes and vaping.


Summit County Health Department

The third annual Summit County Community Market starts up this Tuesday.

The farmers market will run for the next three Tuesdays, August 20th, 27th and September 3rd from noon to 4:00 pm. The market takes place in the southern part of the Park City Hospital parking lot.

Summit County Health Department PIO Derek Siddoway explains what makes the market unique.

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Thursday morning, about a hundred pounds of a white powder was reported spread around an I-80 rest stop at Mile Marker 165 west bound, near Echo. Officials don’t know who is responsible for the spill but think it was an accident. The Haz Mat Team from the Park City Fire District was called in and they determined it was quick lime.

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The data shows a child dies in an overheated car every 10 days. With summer on the doorstep the Summit County Health Department wants to remind caregivers that leaving children and pets in a closed car, in the sun, could have tragic consequences.

According to Summit County Health Educator, Alyssa Mitchell, the data also shows that in more than half the cases, the caregiver forgot the child was in the car. She says parents and caregivers can forget their passenger especially if the child falls asleep.

Summit County

Summit County residents only have until this Friday, May 31st, to fill out a Survey that will help the Health Department decide what programs should get their time and funding.



Summit County Health Department

Reports of unsafe knock-off brands of car seats in neighboring Idaho and other parts of the US has the Summit County Health Department on alert.

Summit County Health Department Educator Alyssa Mitchell says these car seat counterfeits are made of very flimsy material.

Park City Fire District

20,000 pounds of lime were spilt on Bitner Road last night leaving some people stranded for hours as the Park City Fire District worked to clean up the mess.

A dump truck coming through the Bitner Roundabout Thursday afternoon hit a boulder that tore out the belly of the truck carrying 20,000 pounds of lime. The driver was unaware that it had happened allowing the contents to pour out along Bitner road. Park City Fire District spokeswoman Tricia Hurd Hazelrigg says the department received a call about the spill around 4:30 pm and shut down the road to make a plan.

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It’s an odorless, tasteless, gas that is the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers. All reasons why you might want to test your home for radon.

Radon claims 21,000 lives in the U.S. each year, Kelly Gallo of the Summit County health department explains what radon is.

“It’s Uranium as it decays and so the gases are just naturally there. It seeps into our homes through cracks and crevices and our foundation. The only way that you’re going to know whether you really do have that in your home is if you test for it.”

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The Summit County Health Department is offering a class to help people on the cusp of a dangerous lifestyle disease.

For the past three years or so Summit County Health department has been offering classes for those with pre-diabetes or risk for pre-diabetes to help them reverse trends and avoid Type 2 diabetes.

Summit County Health Promotion Director Shelly Worley reports that one out of three adults are pre-diabetic and nine out of 10 that are do not know that they have it.

E-Cigarette Use By Adolescents Has Doubled

Nov 30, 2018
Summit County Health Department

A state survey shows a dramatic drop in Utah Teens smoking traditional cigarettes. However, the use of e cigarette products by youth has had an upswing. Summit County health officials are concerned about the effects these chemicals may have on people long term. Carolyn Murray has this:

Summit County Health Department

Thanksgiving is tomorrow, which means Wasatch Back residents are busy buying and planning for their Thanksgiving meal. Many residents will be eating turkey, mashed potatoes and pie, but if you’re planning on eating a romaine salad or beef you might want to think again.

Summit County Health Department Public Information Officer Derek Siddoway says the CDC has released a food safety alert for all types of romaine lettuce in the U.S. and Canada.

Summit County Health Department is offering a training to help residents know how to respond when they worry someone might be contemplating suicide. The trainings are tonight at 6:00 at the Park City Library and tomorrow at the monthly lunch and learn at the MARC.

QPR Stands for Question, Persuade Refer. Summit County Health Department Educator Alyssa Mitchell says that it’s referenced as the CPR of mental health.