Summit County Planning Department

Summit County’s planning staff recently started a discussion with the Snyderville Planning Commission about new lighting standards for the Basin Code that would be more compliant with up to date technology.

But Development Director Pat Putt said this doesn’t mean they’re becoming the light bulb police.

Putt said the Snyderville Code’s current lighting ordinance is about a dozen years old, and there are a couple of reasons to update it.

Summit County

The Summit County Council is scheduled to hold a second public hearing—and vote on a proposed 2019 budget—at their regular session this Wednesday, December 12th at the Coalville Courthouse. Among many items, the council will consider adding a planner for Community Development director Pat Putt, who talked to us last week about where he saw the need.

Putt told KPCW last week that they haven’t seen any major new developments at the planning counter lately.

Pendry Park City

A new hotel – a sister hotel to Montage Deer Valley - is planned for the base of the Canyons Village.  KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.

In a press release, Pendry Hotels says it plans to build a new hotel in the Canyons Village area of about five miles from the Montage Deer Valley.

Host Leslie Thatcher welcomes today's guests to the morning news hour: 

  • Summit County staff planner Sean Lewis will talk about Tuesday's Snyderville Planning Commission meeting.
  • The Preserve at Newpark is proposing to build eight (8) townhomes adjacent to the Sun Calendar Plaza and Amphitheater. Brian Richards from Mountain Town Music and Rick Tichman, President of the New Park Hotel's HOA Board are concerned it doesn't conform with what was originally approved.
  • Paul Askins will be in to review the Heber Valley Concerts in the Park series.

On today's program, Summit County Planner Sean Lewis previews the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission meeting. National Weather Service Hydrologist Brian McInerney talks snow. Ollie Wilder and Mike Ruzek from the Park City Community Foundation have totals from Friday's record breaking Live PC Give PC. Thad McGowen and Kelly Third have details on Tuesday's Nakuru Hope Fundraiser and Park City resident Emma Garrad talks about her third place finish in the Xterra World Championships.

On today's program, Host Leslie Thatcher Speaks to Summit County Planners Ray  Milliner and Tiffany Robinson about Tuesday's Snyderville Basin Planning Commission meeting. Superintendent Ember Conley has details about Tuesday's school board meeting. Bob Radke  from Snyderville Basin Recreation and Wendy Fisher from Utah Open Lands have details on some upcoming public input sessions about the Toll Canyon area and members of Leadership Class 21 Mary Beth Maziarz and Hadley Dynak have details on Saturday's first ever Neighbor Day.

On today's Local News Hour, Summit County Planner Ray Milliner reviews the agenda for Tuesday's Snyderville Basin Planning Commission meeting. Park City Municipal Community Engagement Liaison Craig Sanchez has this month's Backhoe Report. Ray Freer and Connie Nelson with Sunrise Rotary have details on the inaugural Tour de Sunrise Bike and Walk and singer Perla Batalla has details on Thursday's show at Deer Valley.