Summit County Sheriff

Summit County Sheriff's Office

Among recent incidents in the Summit County Sheriff’s report, deputies responded to two fights, in different circumstances.

In one, a martial-arts instructor faced off with a rowdy student.

The other case was another conflict over mask regulations.

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said officers responded to a ju-jitsu studio in Pinebrook on the night of January 20th.

They were told that a new student in the class, who appeared intoxicated, had been disruptive, loud and was aggressive toward the instructor.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

Utah Governor Spencer Cox has declared a state of emergency ahead of expected protests at the state Capitol Building in Salt Lake with the transfer of power happening in the nation’s capitol. Here locally, law enforcement officials are hoping for a peaceful transition, but preparing for the worst.

A Park City man has been arrested after allegedly aiming his SUV at a woman and pinning her against her own vehicle, during a confrontation in the drive-through lane at the Kimball Junction MacDonald’s.

The suspect is facing more troubles with the law, including charges of ripping off the auto-rental agency where he once worked; and violating a plea agreement with Third District Court, related there to criminal charges going back three years.   

Summit County Sheriff's Office

Summit County Sheriff deputies responded recently to a couple of altercations prompted by Covid protocols.

Officers also were called about a crowded drinking party, mostly made up of underage juveniles.

The Sheriff’s incident report had details of two different Covid-conflict cases, both occurring at the Canyons Resort near the Cabriolet.

On the morning of the 4th, a 57-year-old Canyons employee said he was working near the top of the lift, when he observed a man with a tape measuring the concrete walk area.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

A Salt Lake woman has been charged by the Summit County Attorney’s Office after allegedly ramming her ex-boyfriend with her car.  

The woman has since been arrested for another incident at her ex’s home in South Summit.

A charge of Aggravated Assault, a Third Degree Felony, was filed against 49-year-old Judith Stacy Cluff.

A Sheriff’s report said that Cluff was in a relationship with the victim, a 57-year-old Kamas resident, until he evicted her about six months ago.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

Among other items reported by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, crime didn’t take any time off during the Thanksgiving weekend.  

The Sheriff’s Office reported there was a rash of burglaries along the Bitner Frontage Road sometime over the holiday weekend, mostly of construction equipment.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

Summit County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a person of interest involved in the Sunday morning shooting in the county. 

The Sheriff’s Office announced Monday that they arrested a 19-year-old from Taylorsville on Tuesday night.

On Sunday morning, deputies responded to a nightly rental where there was a reported party after receiving several calls about multiple gunshots heard in the Kimball Junction area.

The shooting left a Salt Lake Valley woman with non-life threatening injuries.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

Summit County Sheriff officers are still investigating an early-morning shooting north of I-80 that injured a Salt Lake Valley woman.  

A press statement issued Monday by the Sheriff’s Office said that early on Sunday morning the 29th, shortly before 3:30 a.m., Dispatch received several 911 calls about multiple gunshots being heard in the Kimball Junction area.

In a contentious election year, the Summit  County Sheriff’s Department is still getting occasional reports of harassment over campaign signs or flags.

Other recent incidents include vandalism at a Factory Outlet Mall store.

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said that last week, a deputy contacted a Jeremy Ranch resident who got an anonymous letter after he displayed a Trump flag on his back deck that can be seen from some of the major roads in the area.

Officers were notified when the resident wrote a post on social media.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

In recent weeks, Summit County Sheriff deputies kept busy with a variety of cases.   Officers talked down a suicidal North Summit man; they responded to the burglary of a Kamas City office; and heard again about campaign signs stolen in Wanship.  

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright reported that on Tuesday morning, the 22nd, shortly before 8 a.m. they got a call that a 46-year-old  Coalville man, under the influence of drugs, had left his house on foot and armed with a handgun.   According to his family, he had said he wanted to end his life or commit suicide by cop.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

Among the recent incidents reported by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office—a dispute between neighbors over their dogs led to a resident making charges of racism and police discrimination.

In another case, deputies tracked down a toddler who decided to leave her home for an adventure in the middle of the night.  

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said deputies got a report of a dispute between neighbors in the Blackhawk Station area off Bitner Road, which began several weeks back.

Summit County Sheriff's Office

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office has reported a few interesting recent cases where juvenile misbehavior kept them busy.


Deputies got a call on Aug. 21 from a teen wilderness therapy program being held at Rockport State Park. They reported that two juveniles ran away from the program the previous night. It was suspected that they had stolen a marked vehicle from the state Division of Natural Resources parked at the marina.


Summit County Sheriff's Office

Summit County Sheriff deputies and fire personnel responded Saturday night to a brush fire in North Summit that was started by a target shooter.


Shortly after 7 p.m. on Aug. 29, deputies got the call about the fire in the Echo Ranches area.


Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said North Summit fire personnel also responded and contained the fire, which burned about six acres.


Summit County Sheriff's Office

Summit County Sheriff deputies responded to an accident in Oakley where a driver stopped to avoid hitting a child on a bike—but then struck another youngster.


The incident report said the accident occurred Wednesday night, July 15, on Rodeo Circle in Oakley.


Summit County Sheriff's Office

A Salt Lake Valley resident has died as the result of a rafting accident on the Weber River near Henefer.     The Summit County Sheriff’s Office noted that it’s still runoff season in the area.  

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said the fatality was identified as 69-year-old Steven Devroom of Sandy.

He said the call about the accident came on Thursday the 28th, just after 1 p.m.    

The mishap involved two rafts with four people, including Devroom, his 22-year-old son, and two grandchildren, one of them a 12-year-old girl, according to available information.