Summit County Sheriff

Summit County Sheriff's Department

The workday for the Summit County Sheriff’s Department has changed a little because of the COVID-19 shutdown.    But there is still a need for the deputies to be on patrol.

Sheriff’s Lieutenant Andrew Wright said their incident activity is down a bit, since residents have been instructed to self-isolate.    He said they are probably seeing fewer traffic accidents.

He said the focus for their officers is to patrol and be seen in areas that are still attracting residents, like grocery stores.

Summit County Sheriff's Department

A 14-year-old Salt Lake City boy was struck by a vehicle last weekend on a crosswalk at the Bitner Frontage Road.   

Deputies were dispatched at about 8:45 on Friday night, March 6th, to the intersection of Bitner Road and Glenwild Drive.  A witness reported seeing two people trying to cross Bitner, and added they were hard to see in the dark.

A vehicle apparently didn’t slow down and struck the boy in the crosswalk.   The youngster was taken to Primary Children’s Hospital in Salt Lake and was found to have a severe concussion and other minor injuries.

Summit County Sheriff's Department

Recent incidents reported by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office  included a scuffle between customers at a local grocery, sparked by some racial insults.    But there were some unexpected twists in the story.

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said that on Feb. 25th, deputies responded to a reported fight at the Pinebrook Fresh Market shortly after 8 a.m.

A man was talking to his daughter and when a women customer walked between them, he became angered.    The situation escalated when the man called her the “N” word and other racial slurs.

Summit County Sheriff's Department

Calls for the Summit County Sheriff’s Office didn’t slow down on Valentine’s Day.

Among the incidents, officers reported an arson fire at a house in Woodland; and they responded to a late-night noise complaint on the Woodward sports facility.  

On the morning of Friday, the 14th, at about 7:45, a deputy was the first on  scene at a residential structure fire in Woodland.   

Summit County Sheriff's Department

Among their recent incident reports, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office noted a couple of squabbles between residents; and continued problems with phone scammers.   

Sheriff's Lt. Andrew Wright  reported a dispute occurred Jan. 29th over snow removal in the Ranch Place neighborhood.    A contracted plow driver said he was pushing snow for a property and an adult male neighbor came out of his house, yelling profanities about where the snow was being pushed.

Summit County Sheriff's Department


A traffic stop by a Summit County Sheriff’s Detective on Sunday has resulted in the seizure of 26 pounds of methamphetamine and the arrest of a motorist.  

A press release issued Monday from the Sheriff’s Office said that the detective, who was assigned to the Homeland Security Investigation  Interdiction Taskforce, made a traffic stop of a 2009 Chevrolet Impala on eastbound Interstate 80 near Wanship.

Summit County

Park City Municipal Transportation Director Alfred Knotts was formally charged with three Class B Misdemeanors Monday morning, after a recent altercation at his home. 

Alfred Knotts was charged with assault and two counts of commission of domestic violence in the presence of a child, after being arrested and booked into the Summit County Jail just after midnight on Wednesday, Feb. 5. 

Summit County Sheriff's Department

Summit County deputies report that a brief stand-off last week with an armed suspect in Coalville led to a momentary lockdown of the schools in town.

The incident is among some of the recent calls to the Sheriff’s Office, including  assaults, rescues for citizens and a phone scam. 

Deputies reported that they arrested Nicholas Allen Bosworth, whose 39th birthday occurred on the day of the incident, January 16th.

Summit County Sheriff's Department

Beginning last week, the Summit County Sheriff’s Office inaugurated a feature that allows citizens a new way to call for help on “911.”

The Department says their slogan now  is “Call if you can; Text if you can’t.”

Summit County’s Public Safety Communications Center went live on Jan. 13th with what they call Next Generation 911, which means they can now accept 911 text messages.

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said the feature is designed for those citizens who may not be able to verbally call 911.         

Summit County Sheriff's Department

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office has been hearing a variety of reports of residents being scammed or harassed over the phone.    

Summit County Sheriff's Department

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office reports they entered the new year with, among other things—a complaint about an online sex scam; and a significant injury after a brawl at a local bar.  

The Sheriff’s incident report said that on December 30th, a complainant, a 28-year-old resident in Bear Hollow Village, said he had been in contact on a dating app with a person he thought was a woman.   He had provided sexually-explicit videos, exposing his genitals and face.

Summit County Sheriff's Department

The Summit County Sheriff’s Department on Sunday arrested a man after he pointed a handgun at a visitor at the Kimball Junction MacDonald’s, for no apparent reason.

The same day, they had a happier story to report, with the rescue of a snowmobiler lost in the Uintas.   

Sheriff deputies got a call shortly before noon on Sunday, the 29th, and ultimately arrested a suspect identified as 46-year-old  Ricardo Garcia, of Salt Lake City.

Summit County Sheriff's Department

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office last week investigated two separate fraud reports.   

One  of them, involving the passing of bogus checks, has uncovered what looks like a major multi-state criminal operation.   

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright reported that last Thursday, Dec. 19th, they got a report from the America First Credit Union in Pinebrook, that a woman who had made several fraudulent-check transactions with them was in their offices again, trying to pass another check.     

Summit County Sheriff's Department

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office is indicating that vehicle burglaries and shoplifting certainly aren’t slowing down for the holiday season.   

The Sheriff’s incident report said that five smash and grab burglaries on vehicles occurred on Friday the 20th between the late morning and early afternoon.

They occurred in varied locations including Smiths, the Olympic Park and Summit Park.    Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said soon afterward they got reports of similar incidents in Wasatch County.

A camera at Smiths captured some images of a female suspect.         

Summit County Sheriff's Department

A Coalville resident was found and arrested by officers, not long after he was allegedly caught in the act trying to steal a catalytic converter off a vehicle.

The Summit County Sheriff’s Department is investigating to see if the suspect can be tied to similar thefts that have occurred in recent weeks.

Sheriff’s Lt. Andrew Wright said that on Wednesday, November the 13th, at about 4:10 a.m., a resident along Coalville’s Main Street heard a noise and went outside to find the suspect under his vehicle, trying to steal the converter.