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Sundance Institute Summer Series Begins This Week

Jul 1, 2019
Sundance Institute-Summer Concerts In Park City / Sundance Institute

The Sundance summer film screenings are expanding to include Coalville with a show on July 19th.  The first in the series is Wednesday at Redd Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City and three shows will play in Park City later this month.

Here is a run-down on the free outdoor films showing in Summit County this summer.

July 12th is the first screening in Park City. LaraLee Ownby is Assistant Director of Programs with the Sundance Institute and she says the first show on the 12th was a premier this year at Sundance and has not yet been released.

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The annual Sundance Festival report not only looks at economic impact. It has also generated discussion in Park City about traffic in town during the Festival—and about the spaces used for venues.

As we’ve reported, Park City Council members have been hearing complaints from residents that drivers for Lyft (the Festival’s official ride-share service) as well as Uber, were driving through residential streets to avoid the town’s clogged main arteries.

City officials are talking about using so-called “geofencing app” technology to restrict the vehicles from certain areas.

Sundance Institute

The Sundance Institute’s report on the economic impact of the 2019 Film Festival shows the numbers are down a little from the previous year.

But the Institute’s Managing Director, Betsy Wallace, said that statistically, the results are relatively flat.

The Sundance report said the Festival saw 2,700 fewer attendees, a two percent drop from 2018. Visitors spent about $177 million, which is $7 million less than the previous year.

Ahead of the 2019 Sundance Film Festival KPCW spoke with Director and Utah resident Amy Redford about the festival, her career and her return to the Beehive State.

Sundance Institute’s 10th annual An Artist at the Table, is January 24th. One of the events co-chairs Amy Redford spoke with KPCW about the fundraiser. website photo

It’s been more than a year since Park City closed on the $19 and half million 5 acre parcel of land off Kearns Blvd. and Bonanza Drive on which the city plans to create an Arts and culture District featuring two anchor tenants – the Kimball Arts Center and Sundance Institute. Leslie Thatcher has more.

Master planning on the 5 plus acres in Bonanza Park hasn’t been publicized at this point as both the Kimball Art Center and Sundance Institute meet with their staffs and board members to decide what they want their new buildings to be and how to pay for them.

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Ever dreamed of having dinner with a Sundance film director? The Sundance Institute is making that possible through their 10th annual An Artist at the Table benefit event.

Sundance events manager Josie McGuinn says that An Artist At The Table has been a successful fundraising event for the Sundance Institute for a decade. This year’s 10th anniversary will be Thursday, January 24th.

Sundance Institute

The Sundance Film Institute has unveiled its line-up of 112 feature films scheduled for the 2019 Film Festival.

Next year’s festival is scheduled to run from January 24th to February 3rd, in Park City and other locations around the Wasatch Front.

As usual, the heart of the festival is the slate of Competition films for both Dramatic and Documentary categories—with 32 films on hand from the U.S. and 24 in the foreign program.

Sundance Institute’s Economic Report says the 2018 Sundance Film Festival generated $191 Million in economic impact. Sundance Institute’s managing director and CFO, Betsy Wallace, reports that attendance was also up this year.

Sundance Institute has kicked off their 21st annual Free Summer Film Screening with several screenings coming to Summit County. 

The Sundance Institute is screening 11 films this summer throughout the state of Utah. 3 more films will be screened in Summit County. The series opened on Saturday June 16 as part of the Latino Arts Festival. Sundance screened the film Dolores

Sundance Institute’s new Assistant Director of Utah Community Programs LaraLee Ownby says they’ll continue to provide activities that match the theme of the film shown.

The Sundance Institute has scheduled 11 films for its free summer series. While most of the films will be shown in Park City and Salt Lake's Red Butte Gardens, the schedule also ranges from Kamas to St. George. Rick Brough has more:

Local News Hour December 21, 2017

Dec 21, 2017

On today’s program, Summit County Council member Glenn Wright has a recap from Wednesday's meeting. Betsy Wallace Managing Director of the Sundance Institute and Ralph Rivera (Director of Operations) have an update of what's new for Sundance 2018. Park City Fire Marshall Mike Owens and PIO Trisha Hazelrigg review Christmas safety tips, what's ahead for the district next year and the California wildfires. Park City Planning Commission Chair Adam Strachan has an update from Wednesday's meeting on Treasure Hill’s new smaller development plans.

Arts andCultural Center Begins Visioning Process

Sep 13, 2017
Park City Municipal

Park City’s plan to develop an Arts and Cultural Center in the Bonanza Park District was announced this summer.  The $19.5 million purchase was funded by a transient room tax which was effective in January 2017.  The project partners begin visioning sessions in the coming weeks.  Carolyn Murray has more: 


Melissa Allison

Though the Park City Council has yet to approve the $19.5 million dollar purchase about 5 acres in Bonanza Park to build an Arts and Cultural District – they held a town meeting to roll out their vision for the project. KPCW’s Melissa Allison brings us the details. website photo

A first ever Park City Arts and Cultural district is planned for a 5 and a quarter acre parcel of land bordering Bonanza Drive, Kearns Boulevard and Munchkin Road. Carolyn Murray has more on the City’s development plans for the area: website photo

Park City announced plans to adopt a municipal transient room tax and use the revenues to build a city arts and culture center in the Bonanza Business district.  This kind of tax has never been done in Park City until now. Carolyn Murray has this story: