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Summit County

A proposed property tax increase from the Snyderville Recreation District brought out a roomful of people before the Summit County Council Wednesday night.

The Council did not make a decision, and said they will take more input next week, after they heard opposition from the audience of 60 to 70 people.

Representatives of the Recreation District have pointed out they haven’t had a property tax hike for 15 years and they contend the  increase is needed to maintain, repair and replace the amenities they’ve developed, such as trails, playgrounds, turf and track.

The Snyderville Recreation District will bring their proposed tax increase to a public hearing in early December.     District Director Brian Hanton had details during his recent visit to KPCW.

The District is asking for a 72 percent tax increase, and while Hanton agreed that seems like a lot, he said they haven’t  had a tax hike since 2004.    And  they’ve developed a lot of infrastructure in  15 years.

The district has created two community parks; they’ve gone from 66 acres of open space to over 2200; and he said 84 percent of their amenities  don’t generate revenue.

Park City School District / PCSD


The Park City School District budget is $80 million and includes the anticipated $5.7 million tax increase. Due to an increase in property assessments, tax payers will pay about $11.00 per $100,000 assessed value.

Park City School District Business Administrator, Todd Hauber says the budget on target with expectations.

Summit County

The sales tax in Summit County went up by another quarter of one percent today (Monday), pushing the rate in Park City to the highest rate in the state. Carolyn Murray has this:


The new sales tax rate in Park City is now 8.7%. In the unincorporated areas of Summit County, the rate is 6.8%. In the Snyderville Basin the sales tax is up to 7.1%.


The Park City School Board was not able to vote on the 2018-19 Budget or on the proposed $5.6 million tax increase during the regularly scheduled board meeting on Tuesday.  They had just two of five board members and therefore no quorum to legally vote on any of the action items on the agenda.  Carolyn Murray has this:

In less than a month, the Summit County Council will hold public hearings and will vote on a 2018 budget. That could include a property tax increase. Council member Kim Carson says that she hasn't heard much criticism of the tax hike so far. Rick Brough has more.

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher officially presented a letter to the County Council Wednesday, stating that he and the county's financial officers recommend a 27% increase in revenues for their General and Municipal Funds. That came after he presented a review of budget decisions in recent years, challenges facing the county, and details of where he would cut if the Council did not pursue a tax increase. Rick Brough has more.

On June 6th, business leaders and classroom teachers filed the Teacher and Student Success Act with the Lt. Governor’s office.  This launches a ballot initiative to raise taxes to raise per pupil school funding. Carolyn Murray has more:

With insurance, retirement, and operational costs increasing slightly beyond where the Park City school district projected, efficiency has become the new buzz word. Lynn Ware Peek has more. 

As the Park City school board tackles the preliminary school district budget, some deficits are on the horizon for the next few years. KPCW's Lynn Ware Peek has more.