Tim Loveday

On Wednesday, Summit County’s Landfill Superintendent told the County Council that they have to make an important decision soon.    That is, should they  plan on renewing their garbage-collection contract with Republic Services, or should the county take on the job themselves.   

The discussion was part of the Council's budget review.

On today’s program, newly hired Director for the Historic Park City Alliance Allison Kuhlow talks about what the organization is working on - a look back at the 2019 Silly Sunday Market and with the two year anniversary of paid parking in the downtown area coming up, how that has worked for Main St. merchants. Park City Councilmember Steve Joyce has a recap of last night's meeting and Summit County Landfill Superintendent Tim Loveday talks about the opening of the new cell at landfill, this year's increased trash fee and the plastic bag ban.

Summit County Waste Superintendent, Tim Loveday talks about the plastic issues at the landfill, the dead deer discovered in the area this spring and the new cell set to come on mid-summer. Park City Planning Director Bruce Erikson and Planner Hannah Tyler talk about the Woodside projects Phase I and II, next steps with the Treasure Hill rezoning and a simple amendment to the Land Management Code. Regan Archibald from East West Health is the guest speaker at the MARC Lunch and Learn. He will talk about functional health and treatment of gut health, auto immune disease and Thyroid health.

Summit County

  The Summit County Council will again be talking trash in their regular meeting Wednesday. They will get an update on their Solid Waste Master Plan.

The council, meeting at the Richins Services Building, will talk about Solid Waste in a work session at about 2:15. County Manager Tom Fisher said they set a Master Plan earlier this year, and directed the staff to come back with an Action Plan.

Among the items is recycling for commercial cardboard, which Fisher said can have an important impact on the landfill.

As China is accepting less recycling items from the U.S. the cost of recycling has increased. So much so that some areas in the U.S., are considering cutting curbside recycling.

Wasatch Front Waste and Recycling District that serves Salt Lake County is one of those that is seriously considering getting rid of curbside recycling.

Summit County Solid Waste Superintendent Tim Loveday says the county will still be able to provide curbside recycling, at least for now.

5000 Pounds of Green Waste Diverted From Landfill

Sep 20, 2017

Park City Compost has been in operation for about four years.  They accept yard waste from landscaping companies and pre-consumer food scraps from commercial kitchens.  Carolyn Murray has more on this: 

Summit County is sending out bills this month for its $36-a-year residential trash fee. If it seems like you just dealt with this, the county's landfill supervisor Tim Loveday has an explanation -- and more. Rick Brough has the details.

Local News Hour - July 17, 2017

Jul 17, 2017

On today’s program, Park City Business Administrator Todd Hauber and School Board Member JJ Ehlers preview the special meeting for Tuesday. Jim Bennett, son of late Senator Bob Bennett, talks about the new United Utah centrist political party. Caroline Rodriguez and Alfred Knotts have details about the Summit Ebike program launch event - on Wednesday at noon and Summit County Landfill Supervisor Tim Loveday has details on the 2017 garbage fee bills which will be hitting your mailbox this week.

This Green Earth - December 27, 2016

Dec 27, 2016

Tim Loveday is the Superintendent of Solid Waste for Summit County and he joins Chris and guest co-host Carolyn Murray in the first part of the show to talk about why a 36-dollar annual solid waste fee is necessary and what it will be spent on. We will also talk about the ongoing work at the landfill to close out or cap the existing landfill cell. In the second part of the program we will chat with Mary Christa Smith, Project Manager of Summit County Community Power Works and talk about how Summit County is doing with respect to the Georgetown University Energy Prize competition.  

Local News Hour - December 22, 2016

Dec 22, 2016

  Summit County’s Solid Waste Superintendent Tim Loveday to discuss the new $36 fee and new cell at the landfill. Following Tim is Director of Public Utilities Clint McAfee along with PC Community Engagement Liaison Lynn Ware Peek to talk about public utilities and an update on construction projects. Wrapping up the hour we’ll be talking to Amber Hanson from the Egyptian to talk about Zoso – the Led Zeppelin Tribute band.