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The Utah Legislature’s Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force met recently for its second study session. This time, lawmakers focused on education funding. 


After hosting eight town halls across the state to hear questions, concerns and comments from approximately 1,500 Utahns, the state’s Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force has moved into the next phase of its attempt to address a revenue imbalance between the education and general fund. 

House District 54 Representative, Tim Quinn has an update on the Tax Restructuring and Equalization task force state wide tour. City Council Member, Becca Gerber talks about the council meeting last night. Frank Zang , Vice President of Communications for Larry H Miller Tour of Utah has the latest on the Tour, the current race leader and what Summit and Wasatch County residents can expect this weekend as it finishes up on Sunday. Wasatch County School District Communications Director, John Moss  has the overview of the Truth in Taxation hearing held at the district offices in Heber.


After legislative leaders pulled the plug on a bill to address what they view as a tax revenue sourcing problem, the Tax Restructuring and Equalization Task Force was formed this past legislative session to take the issue back to the drawing board. 

On today’s program, Park City Water Quality and Treatment Manager Michelle DeHaan discusses the water quality consumer confidence report that was sent out to all Park City households last month. State Rep. Tim Quinn has an update on the tax reform task force and Amber Hansen from the Egyptian Theater will talk about their production of "A Chorus Line.” It opens Friday and runs through July 21st.

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District 54 Rep. Tim Quinn’s House Bill 441, which would have amended state tax law, had people wondering why, with a $1.1 billion surplus, low unemployment levels and consistent job growth in the state, tax reform is even necessary. 

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After the ballot initiatives to create a medical cannabis program and expand Medicaid were replaced by legislators, voters wonder what the Utah Legislature has in store for Proposition 4, the ballot initiative that establishes an independent redistricting commission. 

Utah House Representative, Tim Quinn

At Thursday's Council meeting, Councilmember Tim Henney brought up the failed attempt to prohibit Park City’s plastic bag ordinance in the context of local control. Quinn there’s an argument to be made for cities and counties being political subdivisions of the state, and that some policies—like income tax—shouldn’t be left to local municipalities. In general, though, Quinn says he’ll fight for local control.

Utah State Capitol
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The sales tax reform bill that has weighed heavy on the last half of the legislative session has met its end—at least for now. 

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert, flanked by House and Senate Leadership as well as bill sponsor Rep. Tim Quinn, announced Thursday afternoon that the tax modernization under House Bill 441 would be delayed.

The bill would have lowered the sales tax rate and placed sales tax on services, in an effort to fill a depleted state general fund.

Utah State Capitol
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After pressure by Gov. Gary Herbert and House and Senate leadership at the start of the 2019 general session, the Utah Legislature’s race to change state tax law in less than two weeks begins. 

The long-awaited tax reform bill had its first hearing Friday. Sponsored by Wasatch and Summit Counties Rep. Tim Quinn, House Bill 441 lowers the sales tax rate while adding sales tax to a wide variety of services. The Heber Republican has reportedly been working on the bill, with other key players, for months.

Members of the Wasatch County Republican Party gathered on Saturday for their annual Lincolns Day breakfast fundraiser at Soldier Hollow. Among those invited to speak included state legislators representing the county, Senator Ron Winterton and Representative Tim Quinn.

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After failing in the final days of the 2018 legislative session, a state lawmaker is bringing new life to an attempt to prevent cities from banning plastic bags. 

Summit County Republican Party

The Summit County Republican Party hosted a preview of the 2019 legislative session Tuesday, featuring State Sen. Ron Winterton and State Representatives Tim Quinn and Logan Wilde. They took questions from a dozen or so members of the public on a variety of topics, including the effects of the federal shutdown on Utahns. KPCW’s Emily Means has more.


Proposition 2 legalizing medical marijuana passed 53 to 47 percent but in October, a compromise was reached promising that the Utah legislature would legalize medical marijuana regardless of the voter outcome. A special legislative session will take place on Monday where state lawmakers will vote on the new language in a compromise bill. KPCW talked with Representative Tim Quinn about the differences between the new bill and the proposition 2 initiative and what can be expected with the legalization of medical marijuana here in Utah in the coming months. Carolyn Murray has this:

Summit County Council member Kim Carson has an update on Wednesday’s council meeting. Utah House Representative, Tim Quinn talks about the Medical Marijuana compromise bill the legislature will consider on Monday in the special session. Captain Phil Kirk from the Park City Police Department talks about the Shop With A Cop event coming up on Saturday.