Transient Room Tax


The Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau has new numbers on this summer’s visitation as well as predictions for the upcoming winter.  According to Park City Chamber Bureau CEO Bill Malone, Park City still has room to grow. 

Malone says visitor numbers for summer are slightly down–just one percent–compared to the same time last year. But looking ahead to this winter, bookings are up one percent, with February being the most popular month so far.

Summit County

The Summit County Council recently received a presentation from the Park City Chamber of Commerce and Visitors Bureau. 

Summit County Councilmember Chris Robinson was impressed by Summit County’s summer lodging numbers and what’s anticipated for the peak winter season.

 Decisions made by the Wasatch County Transient Tax Advisory Board have come under fire by a Heber Valley Business owner, Lynn David.  In a Salt Lake Tribune article, he claims the Board acted unethically in distributing grant money to several Heber Valley businesses.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Lynn David, owner of the Hiking Inn, applied for 3600 dollars through the Heber Valley Transient Room Tax grant program. He was awarded 500 dollars which he declined, calling it a pittance. David told KPCW he was not available for an interview until later this month due to travel. 

The Coalville City council voted 4-1 to set up their own Transient Room Tax of one percent. Most favored the levy as a new source of revenue for the city. They also agreed to earmark the taxes to enhance the tourism experience in town—to help the lodging businesses that would bear the burden of the TRT.

Lodging Business In Park City Is Up This Summer

Jul 9, 2018
Park City Chamber Bureau

Summertime bookings in the Park City area are hard to predict but nightly reservations for August are up over last year.  Business travel for mid-week frequently gets booked years in advance but weekend visitors coming to Park City tend to decide more on the spur of the moment. Taxes, room rates, booking practices and occupancy all play into evaluating the summer business climate.   Carolyn Murray has this:

Midway Almost Certain To Put Open Space Out To Voters

Jul 6, 2018
MIdway City

Midway City is close to issuing a bond referendum for open space conservation.  If the City Council approves of the initiative, it will be on November’s ballot. Midway also faces the pending loss of a City Resort Tax amounting to $1.2 million in revenues.  Carolyn Murray has this:

The Summit County Council heard Wednesday that it will take a significant lobbying effort at the Utah legislature if it wants to keep tabs on short-term rental listings and online booking services.  Rick Brough has more:

After several months of negotiations, Summit County and the Park City Chamber/Bureau have reached a draft agreement to re-allocate revenues from the transient room tax.  Rick Brough has more:

The Park City Chamber/Bureau is going to meet soon with the County Council to discuss revamping the distribution formula for Transient Room Taxes. Chamber/Bureau President Bill Malone spoke recently on KPCW's Mountain Money, reflecting on the Chamber's past and present, marketing in the age of Vail, and other topics. Rick Brough has more. website photo

Park City announced plans to adopt a municipal transient room tax and use the revenues to build a city arts and culture center in the Bonanza Business district.  This kind of tax has never been done in Park City until now. Carolyn Murray has this story:  

Leslie Thatcher

Park City Mayor Jack Thomas and City Council announced today the city will purchase just over 5 acres in the Bonanza Park area for $19.5 million.  The site will be home to the Park City Arts and Culture District that will include new homes for the Kimball Art Center and Sundance Institute. Leslie Thatcher has more.

The leaders of the Park City Chamber/Bureau say they weren't surprised by the news from Summit County Council, who gave notice they want to reallocate the distribution contract for Transient-Room Tax monies. Chamber/Bureau Director Bill Malone and Board President Chris Eggleton say they will sit down with the county in the coming year to find out just what they want. Rick Brough has more.

Summit County Council member Doug Clyde says he and his colleagues want to discuss whether more Transient Room Tax monies should go towards things like parks, trails, or recreation facilities, rather than just towards promoting tourism. Clyde talked to KPCW this week about the county's intent to renegotiate their TRT contract with the Park City Chamber/Bureau. Rick Brough has more.

The Summit County Council on Wednesday gave notice that they want to renegotiate their contract with the Park City Chamber/Bureau on the distribution of Transient Room Tax (TRT) funds. Under a long-time agreement, 90 percent of the TRT revenues have gone to the Chamber/Bureau. Rick Brough has more.