Summit and Wasatch Counties saw a 7-percent drop in automobile fatalities in 2018.  And U-S 40 was the deadliest highway in the two-county reporting area.

The Utah Department of Transportation recently published its 2018 fatal crash statistics. 14 - people died in automobile deaths last year – 12 of them in Wasatch County. One was a pedestrian who died on SR 189. Eleven others were killed resulting from automotive crashes on U-S 40.


Thursday evening, after closing the road, the Utah Department of Transportation set off an avalanche on SR 189 through Provo Canyon.  Road Crews plan to work (ed) through the night on Thursday and a Utah Highway Patrol spokesperson said they may continue to work on it through the day on Friday. (today) Carolyn Murray has this report:

Wildlife Bridge Already In Use

Jan 4, 2019
Carolyn Murray KPCW

The Interstate-80 Wildlife Bridge opened last month traversing the north and south sides of the freeway near the top of Parley’s Canyon. The organization pushing the project and convincing UDOT to fund a safe migratory option for animals is called Save People-Save Wildlife. Their work isn’t done. Carolyn Murray has this report:

Wildlife Bridge Open But Not To People And Pets

Dec 14, 2018
John Gleason -UDOT

UDOT officials and representatives from the DWR, Division of Wildlife Resources, gathered Thursday morning to celebrate the official opening of the first Wildlife Bridge in the state. The irony of the event is that it’s really a closing because the message was clear from all those at the event. Now that it’s open, people and pets need to stay away.  Carolyn Murray was there and has this report:

UDOT Image Of Wildlife Crossing

Utah's first overpass built solely for wildlife crossings is set to open today.

The overpass which spans six lanes of interstate was built this summer to improve safety on I-80 and help reduce the number wildlife and vehicle collisions.

The Utah Department of Transportation coordinated with the state Division of Wildlife Resources before building the project to look at wildlife migration patterns and habitat as well as the width requirements of the overpass.


As we’ve reported, Summit County officials and neighboring residents are concerned about the parking area UDOT is creating by the Bell’s station at Silver Creek. They’re concerned that the location, which has been a chain-up area for trucks, will become overnight parking for the big rigs.

But a UDOT spokesman says nothing officially is changing, and the spot has been a pull off area for trucks for decades.

John Gleason, a spokesman for the Utah Department of Transportation, said they’re paving the previously-unkempt area by Bell’s and bringing some supervision to it.

Kamas Residents Insist UDOT Needs To Fix SR-248

Sep 20, 2018

Nearly 100 people showed up for a meeting in Kamas – most of them upset with UDOT for the additional noise that’s been created at their homes as a result of the new chip seal that was put down on 248 top repair a bad paving job last year.  Melissa Allison brings us the story:


Road construction projects on I-80 are on schedule and by the time winter arrives, UDOT says all of it will be finished. Carolyn Murray has this:

UDOT spokesperson, John Gleason says the wildlife bridge spanning I-80 at the top of Parley’s Canyon is going to be good for people and animals. Large game is frequently hit on the highway between Lambs Canyon and Kimball Junction. UDOT says car/animal collisions in the past few years have killed 122 mule deer, 13 moose, four elk, three mountain lions and a black bear. 


UDOT is improving the chain up area adjacent to the Bells Truck Stop on I-80 near Silver Creek Junction. County officials and Silver Creek area residents are concerned about the project having negative impacts on the neighborhood which is close to the parking area.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Bells Silver Creek Truck Stop at 7100 Silver Creek road has food, fuel, showers, laundry services and convenience store items and is adjacent to the truck parking area.  UDOT says they want to make it safe for truckers to park, chain up or wait out a storm.

Utah Department of Transportation

County council members on Wednesday briefly talked with county manager Tom Fisher about the parking lot that UDOT is developing for big-rigs in lower Silver Creek.

The state presented it as a chain-up spot for the trucks, but council member Kim Carson, herself a resident of Silver Creek, thinks it’s morphing into a something more.

Carson told KPCW there are plans for the lot to be a rest area.

Summit County

The Utah Department of Transportation is currently constructing a parking lot for big rigs and semi-trailers near the Bell’s station at Silver Creek Junction. It’s intended as a chain-up area.

Summit County Manager Tom Fisher told the county council Wednesday that they have some concerns about the project.

In a brief discussion, under county manager comments, Fisher said they had received a letter from UDOT Region Two officials, after the county made a request on how often the parking lot would be utilized.

Heber City

Heber City and the Utah Department of Transportation continue work on the Main Street and By-Pass studies. A public input session was held last week with another one planned for the Fall. December is the deadline to complete the studies. Then it goes on to the 2019 State Legislature where Heber officials hope to get approval for next steps. Carolyn Murray has the details. 


Heber Mayor Kelleen Potter says Heber City and Wasatch County have worked for about 10 years acquiring the land to build the by-pass around Heber’s Main Street. 


UDOT has several upcoming projects scheduled for sections of I-80 in Summit County. Starting August 1st and going through mid-October, UDOT will be working on the Tollgate Bridge. UDOT Travel Information Manager Lisa Miller explains the project.

Deer Creek DWR

The Wasatch County Council met last week on a couple of water issues along with a discussion about the Highway 40 corridor management plan. Planning efforts are underway to build a bypass route around Heber City and the County Council wanted to be sure Heber municipal is on board with the overall management plan.  Carolyn Murray has this:

Heber City

Heber City officials, residents and business owners have talked for years about the need to divert traffic off US Highway 40 with a bypass road. The Heber Valley Chamber Bureau wants the state of Utah to deed a 6 mile stretch of the highway to Heber City in order to take through traffic around the downtown area. Carolyn Murray has this: