unemployment rate

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As a resort community, there’s no question the impact recreation and tourism has on Park City’s service-based economy. But what happens if, due to the low unemployment rate and other factors, there aren’t enough employees to provide that service? 

For Deer Valley Resort, one of Park City’s largest employers, the guest experience is their bread and butter.

KPCW Radio

Park City Transit recently ended bus service from the Homestake park-and-ride lot, citing a lack of use by drivers and also a lack of bus drivers to service it—an example of how the low unemployment rate affects Park City. 

Utah Department of Workforce Services

The United States is experiencing its lowest unemployment rate since 1969—3.6%, which economists consider full employment. At 2.9%, Utah’s April 2019 unemployment rate is the lowest it has been since December 2007, and Summit County’s is even lower. But this measure of a strong economy comes at cost—mostly to employers.