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The Summit County Council had a lot of meetings on their schedule over the past week.

During his regular visit with KPCW, County Manager Tom Fisher brought us the latest about discussions with Park City on their Arts and Culture District; and about the recent convention of the Utah Association of Counties.    


Summit County Council Chairman Roger Armstrong says it was appropriate for the Council to send a letter of concern to the Utah Association of Counties, and take issue with incidents where members of the group are making politicized comments and singling out perceived dissenters.   

Armstrong told KPCW on Thursday that he hasn’t been to many UAC-style events.    The most recent was a National Association of Counties convention in Washington D. C., which included a number of Utah officials.        

Summit County

Summit County Council Member Kim Carson says she’s had some positive feedback from leaders at the Utah Association of Counties—after the Summit Council last week sent a letter complaining about inappropriate politicized comments at some UAC gatherings.

Previously, Carson has not identified the county official who interrupted a UAC meeting in late September,  lobbied on behalf of President Trump and singled out Carson as a Democrat.

But on Wednesday,  she did talk about him by name, since a UAC official has disclosed his identity.


The Utah Association of Counties has its annual convention next month, and Summit County Council Member Glenn Wright hopes there will be a  discussion about what he and Council colleagues think is a serious problem in the organization.

Wright points to  political lobbying—and targeting of people perceived as dissenters.

The Summit County Council  sent a letter to UAC  expressing serious concern after a UAC meeting in October of County Commisisoners and Council Members.    


The Summit County Council Wednesday  approved a letter, expressing ‘serious concern”,  to the Board President of the Utah Association of Counties.

The letter says that at a UAC meeting earlier this fall, a  county official made a partisan political pitch for President Trump, and pointed a finger at  Summit County Council Member Kim Carson in his comments.    She was, the letter said, essentially bullied.

The letter says this is the latest in a series of incidents that undermine the professionalism and civility of UAC.

Summit County

Summit County officials attended last week's Utah Association of Counties convention. County Council Member Glenn Wright says some interesting topics came up, including transportation and public lands. Rick Brough has details

The 2018 election cycle may bring some challenges for Utah. The state legislature responded by adopting important changes to voting. Rick Brough has details:

Summit County

The Director of External Relations with the Utah Association of Counties, Lincoln Shurtz, has some suggestions for Summit County. Rick Brough has more:

On today's program, Summit County Council Member Chris Robinson reviews Wednesday's meeting including the meeting with the Utah Association of Counties. Adam Trupp, the Executive Director of UAC discusses his meeting with the Summit County Council and the recent controversies of their involvement with public land issues. Jason Brown with Envision Utah discusses the highlights from the final report for the future vision of Utah.