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As reported earlier this month, two cow elk were shot and killed in the city-owned Round Valley open space the last weekend in December. Park City Police and the Division of Wildlife Resources have determined both incidents occurred on city property.

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Two cow elk were shot in Round Valley last Saturday night. Park City Municipal owns the property where both elk were killed. However, the incident may not warrant a violation under the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources even though city laws prohibit hunting on city owned property.

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The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources stocked 20 species of fish in Utah’s waterways. The 2019 count came to more than 10 million.

Stocking fish in Utah has been a practice done throughout the state for more than 100 years. DWR Public Information Officer, Faith Heaton Jolley says it’s partly to make it more fun to fish by having healthy populations. It’s also a conservation management tool for native species.

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Two cow elk were shot over the weekend in Round Valley. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources confirms there is a cow elk hunt underway through the end of January, but it remains unclear if the people who killed them will be charged under the DWR's jurisdiction. 

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A Midway resident filmed his unexpected visit from a mountain lion on Tuesday.



Park City residents have reported two incidents of mountain lion sightings in the city in the past several days. The calls came from different neighborhoods.

On August 29 a man walking his dog near Wyatt Earp drive in the Prospector neighborhood told police he saw what he described as a young mountain lion. It was about 9:20 PM when police responded to the call. They did a search of the area but could not locate the animal.

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The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has concluded an investigation regarding nearly 30 dead deer found in mid-May near Three Mile Landfill in Summit County.

Utah DWR Northern Region Outreach Manager Mark Hadley said the officer who conducted the investigation interviewed individuals in the area and searched the eastern side of the landfill where he located 27 dead deer.

Have a hankering to get out and fish? You might want to take advantage of Free Fishing Day on Saturday, June 8. 

Beginners especially might consider participating in Free Fishing Day, which allows anyone to fish at any public body of water in Utah without a license.

Randy Oplinger from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources says this time of year, both warmwater and coldwater fish are active and willing to bite.

Wildfire Ash Kills Trout Population

May 10, 2019
Utah DWR

 The ash run-off from the Dollar Ridge fire last summer has killed all the brown trout in the Wild Strawberry River. Experts say it could take three to five-years to recover. It hasn’t been decided if they’ll reintroduce the brown trout back into the popular fishery.

DWR Aquatics Section Chief, Drew Cushing says the Dollar Ridge fire burned so hot, there is nothing there to hold the soil in place. The Habitat Conservation group seeded areas last fall, but the plants aren’t mature enough to contain the ash run off.

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A couple house-sitting in Pinebrook had a Valentine’s Day surprise when they discovered a moose had fallen through the window well into the basement. The female moose was in the house for a total of an hour.

Gabriele Goulet  says it was about 7 am when they heard glass breaking in the basement.

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Utah's first overpass built solely for wildlife crossings is set to open today.

The overpass which spans six lanes of interstate was built this summer to improve safety on I-80 and help reduce the number wildlife and vehicle collisions.

The Utah Department of Transportation coordinated with the state Division of Wildlife Resources before building the project to look at wildlife migration patterns and habitat as well as the width requirements of the overpass.

Moose Wanders Into Bald Eagle Home

Jun 25, 2018
Sheri Prucka

For Sheri and Matt Pruka, the meaning of Moose House doesn’t just refer to the old school downhill mountain bike trail between Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort.  Carolyn Murray has this:

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The summer angling season is in swing in the Wasatch Back and the Uintah Basin.  Strawberry Reservoir is located in Wasatch County and DWR Biologists will begin to monitor fish populations such as the Utah Cutthroat, Rainbow Trout and Kokanee Salmon.  Biologists report huge Cutthroat being captured in the spawning traps and this requires changes in managing these native fish populations. Carolyn Murray has this:

Hunting Tags Issued Through The Month Of May

May 18, 2018

The Division of Wildlife Resources has started to issue Big Game hunting tags for this year.  The availability of permits can vary depending on the region and the species.  Carolyn Murray has this.

Wildlife Babies Should Not Be Disturbed

May 17, 2018

May and June is the calving season here in the Wasatch Back.  As many of us head for the outdoors, there are  things we can do to protect the newborns in the wild.  Wildlife Resource experts remind us of campsite practices to keep our own families safe as well. Carolyn Murray has this: