The Utah Nordic Alliance

Courtesy of Carolyn Sterrett

After 30 years in the field, Dave Hanscom organized his final race on behalf of the Wasatch Citizen Series on Saturday – and he’s leaving big ski boots to fill after his retirement.


In 1992, Dave Hanscom, a Park City resident and longtime Nordic skier stepped up and agreed to take on the role of race director for the popular winter Nordic ski races held locally. 


Park City legend Dave Hanscom joins us in the studio. Dave joins to preview the very popular cross country race series, the Wasatch Citizen Series, which he has directed for many years. We also invited Dave because at 78 years old he is an inspiration to many with this humble advice on aging gracefully and how to keep doing the outdoor activities you love to do. Dave is the co-author of the three volumes of Wasatch Tours, the backcountry ski tour guides first published in 1976. 

The Wasatch Citizen Series is a cross country race series that started in 1979, making it one of the longest running race series of any kind in the nation. Race director Dave Hanscom joins us to preview the season, including giving the details of the fun relay taking place at White Pine (Park City Municipal golf course) on Saturday, December 8.