Utah State Board of Education

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Utah Governor Gary Herbert announced public and charter schools will be closed through the end of the school year.



Since 2018, the Utah State Board of Education has been under pressure to address certain protective language in their bullying rules. The proposed changes caused some Park City residents concern that LGBTQ kids would be unprotected from bullying if the language changed.

Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Utah. Equality Utah Executive Director Troy Williams says they know reducing bullying improves student’s mental health and  sense of well-being. He says gay kids, or kids perceived to be gay, are disproportionately targeted.

Utah Government

In 2018, the Utah State Board of Education adopted rule R-277-613, which addresses how school districts handle bullying. The language is now under scrutiny, and there may be changes coming that eliminates language that protects students based on race, ethnicity and sexual orientation.

Utah Conservatory

A Park City local will perform a debut solo in Carnegie Hall this month. She’s been teaching, conducting and performing for many years in Utah and she’s bringing a group of Wasatch Back choristers to sing back up.

A local performance of the Carnegie concert is Saturday in Park City.

On today's Local News Hour Utah State Board of Education Teacher Trainer Holly Bell talks about  the future of the Welcoming Schools program in the Park City School District and state of Utah. Park City Councilmember Tim Henney has a recap of last night's meeting. Park City Attorney Alex Natt talks about the unique details of the new medical cannabis law and the possible unintended consequences and Sundance Institute Managing Director Betsy Wallace has details about today's opening of the Festival store and sale of individual local tickets.


The Utah State Board of Education will consider designating recess periods for K through 8 as instructional time by providing more structure to the play time.  A board-appointed committee approved the plan and now a decision will be voted on by the State Board of Education in early January.


After on-going problems throughout the annual statewide student testing window this spring, the Utah State Board of Education today (Friday) voted to terminate the $44 million contract it has with Questar Assessment. 

2018 Utah Education Funding Bigger Than Ever

Mar 15, 2018

The 2018 Utah legislative session is over, with "historic" school funding approved. However, the impacts on the Park City School District, along with new equalization measures, will take a few more weeks to sort out. Carolyn Murray has this:

Closing the achievement gap between special and general education is a priority for the state board of education.  They’ve been working on a project to close that divide for the past several years and there are some promising results.  Carolyn Murray has this: