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One of New York City’s most significant developers, Gary Barnett and his development company Extell, is now firmly planted here in Utah as one of the largest property owners in Wasatch County. What was once sheep grazing and mining lands, the property known as Mayflower is now slated to be a premier resort village with hotels, conference space and recreational amenities.  

Vail released their Third Quarter report on Thursday.

Vail Resorts reported net income for 3rd quarter of the year was $292 million. That income is up $36 million from the previous year. Season pass sales through May for the upcoming ski season were up approximately 9% in units sold during the same time frame.

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Vail Resorts announced last week the sale of the parking lots at the base of Park City Mountain Resort to Utah County-based developer PEG Companies. Development at the base of the resort has been on the table for more than 20 years.


The development of the surface parking lots at the base of Park City Mountain Resort has been approved for years. With the sale of those 10 acres by Vail Resorts to a Provo company  this week– the development is imminent. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.

An announcement was made Thursday morning that Vail Resorts had entered into an agreement with PEG Companies, a Utah-based commercial real estate development and investment group, to sell and develop the parcels that have been used as free parking.

Park City Municipal Corporation

Last week, KPCW spoke with Outside Magazine writer Marc Peruzzi about his article “The Giant Resort Companies You Hate Are Saving Skiing” in response to his article Brigid Mander wroter her own piece in Outside Magazine titled “Actually the Mega Season Pass is Killing Skiing”

Brigid Mander doesn’t fault Alterra Mountain Company or Vail Resorts for doing their job, but she does disagree with the multi-resort pass is good for skiing.

Vail CEO Rob Katz addressed a standing-room-only crowd at the Santy Auditorium for the Community Leadership Lecture Monday. Katz took questions from the audience for about half an hour, on topics ranging from employment to the skiing experience. 

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The last time Rob Katz stood on a Park City stage was five years ago—except then, an actor portrayed him as the villain in “An Epic Follies.” Katz says he can’t believe he went from the butt-end of the Follies to addressing the Leadership Park City Class.

“So the play ended, as I recall, with the Vailiens and the folks from Powdr Corp killing each other, lying on the stage all over the place, and then somebody came out with a big broom to clean up the mess--and that was Bob Wheaton," Katz recalled, to laughs. "But now, I'm still on the stage.”

Park City Mountain Resort and Vail Resorts have announced an addition to their Epic Pass lineup.

Deirdra Walsh of Park City Mountain Resort announced the new product as part of the Vail Epic Promise hour of KPCW’s pledge drive on Tuesday morning. The Epic Day Pass for next season is on sale now.

Basin Recreation

The upper portion of the  popular Rob’s Trail  has been closed – due to the fact that it’s private property and could be dangerous during the winter months. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.

Basin Recreation Director Brian Hanton says the last 8/10th of a mile of Rob’s Trail will be closed through May 15th – leaving only the first mile of up and back hiking.

With this year’s abundant snowfall, the lessor of the property, Vail Resorts,  is now clamping down due to safety concerns.

The Tombstone BBQ on the Canyons side of Park City Mountain Resort will see an upgrade after this season. That was one of the capital projects announced by Vail Resorts at Friday’s quarterly update to shareholders.

In his quarterly update to investors, Vail Resorts CEO Rob Katz noted Friday that over the last 10 years, the company has invested more than $1.2 billion. For next winter, the company will spend more than $175 million with the bulk of investments focused on getting the Colorado resorts open sooner with more terrain.

Park City Professional Ski Patrol Association

With opening day for Park City Resort tomorrow, the Park City Professional Ski Patrol Association and Vail resorts contract has expired. Members of the union will be at work tomorrow but representatives from the union and the resort company are working to have a new deal done soon.

Vail Resorts has submitted its financial report for the fourth quarter of 2018, and the fiscal year ending on July 31st of 2018. The results reflect last year’s poor winter at the Western ski resorts, but also some incremental improvements after the acquisition of Stowe, Vermont.

The net income attributed to Vail Resorts was a little under $380 million for the fiscal year. That’s an increase of 80.4 percent over the previous year.

Park City Farmer's Market-Daniel Lewis

This is the 22nd year for Park City’s Farmers Market and the market has come full circle –with the fresh produce and other local products for sale every Wednesday afternoon at the base of Park City Mountain Resort. KPCW’s Leslie Thatcher has more.

In the latest quarterly earnings report for Vail Resorts, CEO Rob Katz says he's pleased with the results. Especially considering the challenge of a weak winter they faced in the Western U.S. for much of the season. Rick Brough has more:

You’re likely safer riding a chairlift, gondola or tram than you are getting behind the wheel of your car. As we reported, a chairlift malfunction at Park City Mountain resort in mid-January resulted in an injury. However, according to the National Ski Areas Association, accidents that cause injury or death on chairlifts are rare. Carolyn Murray reports.