Wasatch County Council

Wasatch County

Last week, the Wasatch County Council decided to create a committee to further explore an ordinance that would make the county into a “Second Amendment sanctuary county.”


Councilor Kendall Crittenden brought the item to the county agenda. Crittenden spoke about recent events in the country, saying he’s concerned there’s a movement to take away First and Second Amendment rights as well as others. 


The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects individuals' rights to keep and bear arms.

Utah Open Lands

Wasatch County Council voted Wednesday evening to approve issuing two million dollars to the preservation of a 100-acre dairy farm in the valley.

Wasatch County

The Wasatch County Council continued work on allowing smaller properties to have culinary wells as well as updates to the watershed plan on Wednesday.


Currently, parcels in unincorporated Wasatch County must be at least five acres in size to have a culinary well placed on them, but the County Council is considering lowering that minimum to four acres. 


County planner Doug Smith says they've added language addressing a few perceived issues with the code change. 

Tuesday’s primary was an all-mail election, meaning no in person voting took place. Preliminary results are in from Wasatch County although there are still as many as 3,700 ballots that may be counted.

Wasatch County Council meets Wednesday afternoon at 3 p.m. to discuss the coronavirus, wells, and watershed plans.


The council will begin its meeting by receiving an update from the county health department on COVID-19. According to the department, Wasatch County has had 408 cases of the disease, of those cases 72 are active, 333 are recovered and three have passed away. The health department is distributing print materials and posters throughout the county encouraging residents to wear masks, practice social distancing and stay home when sick. 

Sixteen-year Wasatch County councilman Kendall Crittenden is defending the Heber South Seat against challenger Elizabeth Hokanson, a veteran of Heber City politics, in Tuesday’s Republican primary election.


With no Democrats running for the seat, the June 30 primary will effectively decide the race.

Crittenden pointed to major developments like the Wasatch County Event Complex and Red Ledges as ‘wins’ during his time on the council.


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Wasatch Open Lands Board made a unanimous recommendation Monday evening that two million dollars of the county’s 10-million-dollar open space bond go to preservation of land on the Kohler Dairy farm. 

Utah Department of Health

Wasatch County has been moved to the low risk, yellow phase effective immediately. 

Items at Wasatch County Council’s meeting Wednesday include discussions regarding farmland in the county. 

Wasatch County Health Department

The new order issued by the Wasatch County Health Department follows the Governor's directive issued Friday that state parks be open to residents outside of the county. While the health department has opened the state parks, they are not encouraging travelers to come into the county. 

Wasatch County

Wasatch County leadership is working on the next phase in their response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wasatch County

Eliminating library fees, exempting critical employees from some COVID-19 benefits and delaying the county tax sale were all part of the Wasatch County Council’s meeting on Wednesday.

Military Installation Development Authority

At the request of MIDA, Wasatch County Council signed an amendment to their agreement. However after approving the amendment the council asked for more representation for the project area near the Jordanelle.