Wasatch County Council

Ben Lasseter/KPCW

Representatives of the primary mental health clinic in Wasatch County said their office is understaffed and has a 12-month waitlist. 





A therapist and administrator at Wasatch Behavioral Health told the Wasatch County Council he and his colleagues are struggling to keep up with a recent spike in demand. It’s one of the only mental health resources available in Wasatch County, assisting people with an array of conditions, ranging from mental and emotional struggles to psychological crisis.

Ben Lasseter/KPCW

At the Wasatch County council meeting Wednesday, a public health official echoed concerns of Governor Spencer Cox this week about schools and hospitalizations.

She said it’s a “worrisome” moment, even with case numbers currently at a manageable level and the vaccination rate rising. KPCW’s Ben Lasseter has more.

Wasatch County schools have started encouraging students to stay home even if they’ve only had a possible COVID-19 exposure.

Heber City

At a Wasatch County council meeting Wednesday, Heber City officials will appeal to the county for tax contributions to a long-term redevelopment effort.


Last month, Heber City Council approved a plan to use tax revenues from the downtown area to reinvest in future development there.

Now it needs to convince the county to join forces.

City officials say that a community reinvestment area, or CRA, would generate $36 million over 20 years as property values increased.

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Wasatch County

The Wasatch County Council declared June  Diversity and Inclusion Month in the county with seven votes in support and one abstention from Councilmember Marilyn Crittenden.


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Last night (Wednesday), the Wasatch County Council voted in favor of becoming a second amendment sanctuary county.

Wasatch County

The Wasatch County Council meets in a regular session Wednesday at 3 PM. The second amendment sanctuary ordinance is on the agenda, along with a presentation for Encircle House.

Wasatch County School District

The Wasatch County Council meets on Wednesday at 3 P.M. They’ll discuss the potential for a new recreation, arts and parks (RAP) tax and an ordinance establishing a department to serve as a liaison between the county and the Military Installation Defense Authority, the body in charge of the Mayflower Resort development.


Wasatch County

The Wasatch County Council took public input for almost 3 hours on Wednesday night to consider becoming a Second Amendment “sanctuary county” via citizen’s initiative. 


The majority of the public comments were in support of the ordinance.


Wasatch County

The Wasatch County Council meets 3 p.m. on Wednesday to tackle an agenda including Second Amendment rights, mental health awareness and a real estate development nearly a decade in the making.


Wasatch County

The Wasatch County Council voted unanimously to amend the ordinance on primary residential short-term rentals at its meeting on Wednesday.


The change allows for two weeks per year to maintain primary residence tax status.


Heber City

The governing entities from Wasatch County, Heber City, and Midway City will meet virtually via Zoom on Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. The interlocal meeting includes various issues affecting residents living in the Wasatch Back. 


The agenda for the interlocal meeting is chock full of items that KPCW has been following.



As they face less revenues as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wasatch County Council Members are considering a pay raise for themselves next year. 

Wasatch County Council discussed adjusting salaries at last week’s council meeting. Council members make between $27,000 and 30,000 a year, according to a government run website that tracks state employee payroll.