Wasatch County Fire District

Brighton Estates is a Wasatch County subdivision adjacent to the 1,350-acre Bonanza Flat open space recently purchased by Park City. The Wasatch County Fire District has concerns about its ability to deliver fire and emergency services to the neighborhood given how remote it is and how primitive the roads are. Carolyn Murray has this:

Fire District fees have increased for Wasatch County property owners this year. With the rapid growth in the county, there are additional impact fees that will likely be put in place for next year. A needs assessment is underway which will help define what increases property owners can expect. Carolyn Murray has more:

Wasatch County Fire District

The Wasatch County Fire District needs about a million dollars to properly protect the county and provide reliable emergency services.  With the population growth and increased call volume, Fire and EMS can’t keep up.  Carolyn Murray has more: 

Blake Allen-Wasatch Fire DistrictKelleen Potter-Heber City Council

The Wasatch County Fire District is proposing up to a million dollar tax increase which the Chief says is necessary to hire new people and purchase needed equipment.  At an open house on Monday, the fire district welcomed the community to find out more about what they do and how much it costs.   Carolyn Murray has more: